Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Don't Be Shocked If I Jump From A Building!

Disclaimer: If you feel that this blog post somehow relates to you or any establishment that you work for or hurt your feelings, emotions... etc…etc..I want you to know that this is purely fiction. But if it does not then this blog post is 100% real and this is how I feel right now. The events mentioned below are 100% accurate and real.

My life right now is at its lowest! Things can’t be worse than now. Have you read the book or watched the movie ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’, my life right now is somewhat like that. I don’t have a Count Olaf in my life but the world around me is so F***ed up!

Firstly, I got my annual salary hike and seriously I can’t see any change in my salary. According to my new salary (after the hike) I’ll be getting around Rs. 500 (around 10 US dollars and around 7 British Pounds) extra from before the hike. I just don’t understand why my hike was so low, oh... I got it... May be they though that ‘Since this guy is here for over three years though we have given him the lowest possible hike we could think of, let’s just do the same this year also, he will stick around’. Well, I am quitting but first I need to get another job before I sent them over my resignation letter or email so if anyone of you out there have any knowledge about a good job opening in New Delhi for a marketing position or a social media position let me know.

Secondly, my girlfriend gone psycho and its not even that time of the month, her mood swings equal to a roller coaster. May be it’s the distance. Long distance relationships are hard (not impossible) to preserve.

Thirdly, the Indian Media has killed the meaning of ‘Rockstar’ by calling all those cheezy Bollywood actors, actress and playback singers Rockstar. To my knowledge a Rockstar is a person who got success by playing the music genre called ‘ROCK’ not someone who got success by dancing around trees. Indian Media personality should check the dictionary before or use the internet, Internet has so much to offer besides Facebook, Orkut, Gmail and free porn. I almost forgot, Bollywood have their very own ‘brangelina’ and they are called Abhi-Ash, WTF. Bollywood seriously need to stop copying Hollywood.

Fourthly, Dee Snider the dude who wrote ‘We're Not Gonna Take It’ one of the most rebellious songs ever, has his own family reality show called Growing Up Twisted. I just want to say something to Dee Snider. “What’s So Metal About That”.

Last but not the least, am actually feeling so much better after rambling about all these stuffs.

P.s: I know many Indian Bloggers would be pissed off with me for ranting about Bollywood but this is how I feel about the ‘CTRL C’ and CTRL V’ world of ‘Bollywood’. May be I should just stick to being an Indian Travel Blogger, writing stuffs India travel, Stories about various Indian cities or better if I just stick with the Indian Heavy Metal Blogger tag. Phew… But who care, after all I live in the most populous democracy in the world. I got to practice my Freedom of Speech.