Sunday, September 5, 2010

Long Distance Relationship! How do you do it?

As most of you must have known by now, that am with the same chick for over six years and it’s been almost two years we are having this long distance relationship. To be honest ‘LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIPS SUCKS’. Seriously it sucks.

I too get lots of stupid questions from my buddies like ‘‘Dude how can you be with the same chick for 6 year’, ‘Dude how do you manage your long distance relationship’, ‘Dude are your serious about this girl’? Well, if am not serious to my girl why would I spend half of my salary on my phone and why would I be with the same girl for over 6 years. Coming to how can you be with the same chick for 6 year, well, I love her, that’s why am with the same girl for some 6 year. Coming to ‘how do you manage your long distance relationship’, well it’s not that easy. Long term relationship sucks and to keep it going you need a phone with a really amazing long distance call plan, plus tons of porno movies… Just kidding..

Honestly guys, it’s really tough to maintain a healthy long distance relationship. from my almost two years experience I have learned that the only way to maintain such a relationship is unconditional trust and love. Plus at least three phone calls in a day. One right after you wake up, one midday call and one just before you hit the sack and don’t forget to say the three magic words (I Love You). Why the three magic words? To let her known that you really are sleeping alone, you too can tell her to do the same, just to make sure.

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