Thursday, October 21, 2010

Death Comes to Everyone

Warning: The contents in Red Font contents stuffs about death. If can't take stuff on death and dying, in short if you cannot accept life universal truth, please avoid it.

Death is a universal truth. None can escape death. With every second we move closer to our grave and its freaks the living shit out of me. This was the first thing that came to my mind today the moment I opened my eyes. Now I can’t even look at my freaking watch because every time I look at the cheap watch of mine it reminds me of Death, how and when I’ll meet my ultimate truth, how I’ll be buried. The scariest part is what if I come back to life after I am buried. With all these I mind, am going to let everyone in my family know that I want my body to be burned and the ashes buries, this way at least if I come back to life when they burn me, at least there is chances of surviving with third degree burns. The best way would be to cremate in those top notch facilities where the whole process is just a matter of a minute. These are some crazy thought that’s haunting me right at the moment.

Guys so sorry for not updating my blog as well as for not visiting your blogs, been very busy with lots of stuff! Besides my regular job, am also working on something (trying to start my own show) plus we (the band) got some college festivals to cover in the coming week so all the free time that I have is spend on mindless jamming, trying to create brutal riffs and weird time signatures to make ourselves sound complicated. But isn’t metal always better if it’s straight forward, because if a song has too much complications and unusual time signature it would be progressive rock instead of pure Heavy Freaking Metal. I am not a huge fan of Progressive Rock and progressive rock bands such as Dream Theater. Even these progressive rock musicians are super talented and their music super creative and I know that it would take decades or even centuries for me to play like these guys but I want my music to be heavy, fast and something that I can head bang. Not those songs full of off beats where you cant even head bang and ten minutes lead solo.

In Short, my kind of songs should be like any songs from bands such as Megadeth, Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax, Pantera, over Kill, Anvil, Sepultura, Iron Maiden, Testament (Going to see them this October in Bangalore), Death (the band, not my crazy thought), Dio and of course Black Sabbath and Judas Priest. When am getting all romantic with my girl I want something like ‘Angel Eyes by Steel Heart’, ‘Forever by Kiss’, ‘To be With you by Mr. Big’ and Still Got the Blues For You (This is a great love making song, the beat and the tempo is so consistent, simply perfect for that special moment)… Hey am getting a bit out of control, someone please stop me….
P.s: Remember how pissed off I was with my salary hike, well a miracle happened last week. My boss handed me an envelope with a re-revised salary structure and it was exactly the same amount that I wanted. As for now, job hunt will be suspended from my list of things to do every weekend.