Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Metal Photo Tuesday- Artillerie

What comes to you mind when you hear, ‘Indian Music Scene’. I know what you are thinking. Well, beneath the mindless and cheezy music scene produced by the copy paste fraternity of Bollywood lays a whole different world where heavy metal is worshiped more than any god or goddess. Indian Metal Scene is the black sheep of the Indian music family and though we might never be accepted by the mainstream, but who gives a damn. Any day I would choose to be a part of the incognito scene rather than associate with the glitzy Mainstream. Would you?

Indian metal scene is pretty small and young compared to other western countries but the scene has managed to give birth to some really awesome acts and among one of them is ‘Artillerie’. One of the most extreme acts in the scene at the moment, Some call Artillerie as a death core band, while some term their sound as trash core but to me it’s just pure Heavy Freaking Metal. Brutal guitar riffs backed by wicked bass lines and driven by a vocalist whose energy, enthusiasm and aggression can be compared to King Leonidas, the King of Sparta in the movie 300, Artillerie is a band worth seeing. With their debut album, ‘Eradefiled’ which was released last Sunday, Artillerie without a shadow of a doubt has earned their position as one of the torch bearer of the Indian Metal Scene. Eradefiled is a brutal album with an epic feel and the best part about Eradefiled is, Artillerie did not forget to blend the chaotic ambiance where they breed.

Visit their website http://www.artillerie.in to buy their latest album. You can also download the entire Album for free at their website.