Thursday, January 27, 2011

Indian Cricket Fans

You wanna know what’s the hottest news in India is. Na, it’s neither a Bollywood celebrity sex tape nor any of the hot Bollywood actresses decided to pose for Play Boy. It’s the 2011 Cricket World Cup that is pumping the blood of India at the moment. Though Am not a cricket fan, neither do I choose to follow the game yet its something that you can’t hide if you are in India. The entire country is boiling with excitement and as an opportunist what better than the 2011 Cricket World Cup to write to get some decent traffic in my blog.

Honestly I find cricket pretty boring, I know the rules of the games yet it’s a very boring sports. There is hardly any action in the game and no matter how hard I try I can’t stay awake for more than ten over. For some weird reasons I have always enjoyed watching games between India and Pakistan. Anyway am not going to bore any one with cricket matches but I’ll try and explain the different kinds of cricket fans we have over here.

I don’t know about your country but here we have three kinds of cricket fans. First the Hardcore or the real fans, secondly the passerby fans and the internet fans. The ‘hardcore Fans’ are the real fans; these are the people who will even make the lamest of excuses to escape work just to watch a cricket match, buy souvenirs and even watch re-runs. Then comes the ‘Passerby Fans’, these are the lamest of all the kinds. Some hardcore fans who can’t afford to miss even a single moment of that game will just stand outside a shop and watch the game there until the half time. If any of these ‘Passerby Fans’ passes through that shop they will just stand and watch even if they don’t know a shit about cricket and even if you ask them the score they won’t be able to tell you, though they have been standing there for some hours. The Internet fans are somewhat like the passerby fans except they refresh web pages every ten seconds that too when they are in office. If these fans were at home they would rather watch a cheezy Bollywood movie instead of that match, but just to let people know that we too are a part of something they will open these websites where they get score updates.

If you know any other group besides these three let me know…. To all the hardcore fans, may your team win!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Metal Photo Tuesday - 17

I know, I have been a lame ass blogger. I'll try to keep up with you guys. Anyways, today is a very special day for me. This will be my first Metal Photo Tuesday for this year, i'll try to do something light. So here it goes

This was a picture take when we were performing in IIT Roorkee Wargasm. I somehow managed to convince these kids to pose for me (may be it was the chocolate that did the trick). Speaking of IIT Roorkee Wargasm, i'll try to post some pictures of that show by this week...

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Lost Blogger is Back

First, my apologies to all my blogger buddies! Been very busy with my work, plus I took a long vacation off from work. Even though I had the choice to blog, I decided to stay away from the never ending world of Internet. Taking a vacation and choosing to stay away from the Internet was a great idea, even you should do that. I didn’t go anywhere flashy, but I went to the most amazing place in the world ‘my small laid back hometown’. This vacation was really meaningful and why won’t it be after all I was seeing my girl after seven freaking months. This vacation I did get the chance to know my future in-laws. Unfortunately I could not meet her mom and dad but I had a blast with my girl’s sister and I guess I did impress her though it was not that easy…

I don’t know about you guys but I believe if the in-laws are guys the job of impressing is much easier. With guys we don’t have to do much, spending a night in a bar pretty much does the trick. Seriously bars are an amazing place to bond. Though the first two drinks might feel awkward but after three drinks we can discuss about anything right from politics to religion. Just make sure to keep your eyes away from that great piece of ass across the bar. Even better if you take him to a strip club and treat him to a special lap dance.

Coming to the impressing part, well, my girl gave me two options. Either go shopping with her and her sis or take them to the amusement park. Who in the world would have thought that going to the amusement park would be worse than shopping. Just to my luck, my girl and her sister happens to like all the weird rides. The roller coaster and the spinning saucer were ok, but the Giant Ferris Wheel! I admit it, I have a phobia for Giant Ferris Wheel because the last time I sat on one I almost puked. But what can a guy do when the love of his life calls his a sissy. To my surprise I really love the ride. I guess it was the alcohol that made my past experience pukish.
Overall I guess I did well with the In-laws… That’s what happened on this action. Got lots of stuff to share. May be next post. Now that am back, I’ll try to catch up with everyone.