Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Lost Blogger is Back

First, my apologies to all my blogger buddies! Been very busy with my work, plus I took a long vacation off from work. Even though I had the choice to blog, I decided to stay away from the never ending world of Internet. Taking a vacation and choosing to stay away from the Internet was a great idea, even you should do that. I didn’t go anywhere flashy, but I went to the most amazing place in the world ‘my small laid back hometown’. This vacation was really meaningful and why won’t it be after all I was seeing my girl after seven freaking months. This vacation I did get the chance to know my future in-laws. Unfortunately I could not meet her mom and dad but I had a blast with my girl’s sister and I guess I did impress her though it was not that easy…

I don’t know about you guys but I believe if the in-laws are guys the job of impressing is much easier. With guys we don’t have to do much, spending a night in a bar pretty much does the trick. Seriously bars are an amazing place to bond. Though the first two drinks might feel awkward but after three drinks we can discuss about anything right from politics to religion. Just make sure to keep your eyes away from that great piece of ass across the bar. Even better if you take him to a strip club and treat him to a special lap dance.

Coming to the impressing part, well, my girl gave me two options. Either go shopping with her and her sis or take them to the amusement park. Who in the world would have thought that going to the amusement park would be worse than shopping. Just to my luck, my girl and her sister happens to like all the weird rides. The roller coaster and the spinning saucer were ok, but the Giant Ferris Wheel! I admit it, I have a phobia for Giant Ferris Wheel because the last time I sat on one I almost puked. But what can a guy do when the love of his life calls his a sissy. To my surprise I really love the ride. I guess it was the alcohol that made my past experience pukish.
Overall I guess I did well with the In-laws… That’s what happened on this action. Got lots of stuff to share. May be next post. Now that am back, I’ll try to catch up with everyone.


  1. Welcome back to blogging.

  2. like the narration

  3. We all need an internet break now and again.

  4. A.K.,

    Welcome back!

  5. Hey welcome back!

    I don't think I could survive without my computer but I am glad you had yourself a great vacation.

    P.S. Gotta luv a guy who takes his girl shopping!!


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