Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Metal Photo Tuesday - 17

I know, I have been a lame ass blogger. I'll try to keep up with you guys. Anyways, today is a very special day for me. This will be my first Metal Photo Tuesday for this year, i'll try to do something light. So here it goes

This was a picture take when we were performing in IIT Roorkee Wargasm. I somehow managed to convince these kids to pose for me (may be it was the chocolate that did the trick). Speaking of IIT Roorkee Wargasm, i'll try to post some pictures of that show by this week...


  1. Ahah they're cute!

    About cosmetics, cold cream and deo are already very fine :-P
    I used to use only but few things, but hey, I grew up and discovered a whole world of nice things for us girls haha

    Have a nice day, and thanks a lot for your comment!


    PS: do you know ReVamp?

  2. ReVamp! I know em.. They are tight

  3. Currently on Hiatus my damn self.

  4. Kid in the far left is a natural XD

  5. Well ! That's a cool pic.. Must be having nice time dude!

  6. Anonymous12/4/13

    Hmph.. Quite a chocolate fans.. Lol


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