Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Metal Photo Tuesday - 19

Don't you think the week passes too fast. Anyway let me not rant on how fast the time flies, let me do that some-other day . Today is Tuesday and its time for another Metal Photo Tuesday. For this week we have some young College Girls (I know what you are thinking, dirty mind). Whether they are Metal Heads or not is a big question but they did agree to pose and they look pretty good. Don't you think.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Metal Photo Tuesday - 18

Its Tuesday, time for another Metal Photo Tuesday. This Tuesday instead of the regular stuff, I'll share some pics of my Band from our last gig. By the Way, we are a Delhi Based Old School Thrash Metal Band who love to get High on not just music but on so many stuff (mostly legal). Here it goes.

(Caught In A Mosh)

(Yeah, that's AK hammering away)

IF you are new to this blog, well Metal Photo Tuesday is a theme blog post dedicated to everything Metal, though mostly about the Indian Metal Scene and Indian Metal Bands.