Thursday, April 28, 2011

Metallica In New Delhi! Fucking Insane

(Updated: Incase if you need a ticket to the Metallica show in Delhi, let me know. I have a friend who has an extra pass.)

(Updated: Read my post on How to watch Metallica In India for Free here: Click Me)

(Update: Guys Metallica india tour 2011 tickets are up for sale. Visit and book your tickets)

This has to be the best news ever. Metallica is playing in New Delhi. The Times of India even published a small micro article about this. You know how big this is. Newspapers in India hardly write anything about metal bands and metal gigs but finding this on The Times of India, the most Bollywood infested newspapers in the country. The paper is filled with Bollywood people. This is huge. The news, Metallica Playing in India is big but Metallica in Times of India, this is something.

I have checked the Metallica official websites and the dates are not yet updated but according to many Indian music websites, Robert Trujillo the bassists of Metallica have confirmed that the will be playing in India. If this news is true, Metallica will be playing in the Buddh International Circuit in Greater Noida. The event is suppose to be something like this ‘F1 Rocks Delhi’. The name is a bit lame but.. hey.. I might get to see Metallica live. Seriously I still can’t believe because just last Saturday me and my friend sneaked inside the F1 track in Delhi and we were testing it in out Fiat Punto (unfortunately we had to stop after the security guys start shouting) and in that same place, the greatest metal band in the world will be playing.

According to the many rumors that are going around in the India Metal Scene, Metallica Playlist for Delhi will be mostly from the Pre – Black Album. There is not definite truth in this but I hope they will play more songs from Kill Em All, And Justice For All and Master of Puppets.

Nothing is 100% confirm now. Here are some facts that we have till now:

  • Though Robert Trujillo have confirmed about Metallica Playing in India, the official websites doesn’t have any updates. So I am keeping my fingers crossed.

  • According to some source the Metallica in India is suppose to happen somewhere in October. Metallica might play in Delhi as well as in Bangalore (I really want Metallica to play only in Delhi just to make the Bangalore Metal Heads travel all the way to Delhi for a change, cause all the metal bands choose only Bangalore and we had to travel there everytime).

  • Till now we don’t have any clue which super lucky Indian Band (Kryptos will be a good choice) will be opening for Metallica not the place or the portal where we will get the Metallica Tickets.

  • I sincerely hope that this is not a HOAX.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sathya Sai Baba, a Mere Human Being

No matter what the world has to say, we have lost a great soul just some days back. Sathya Sai Baba in his lifetime have contribute a lot to the society. Many consider him as a god but I honestly don’t consider as a god or an Avatar of any god. To me he was a noble soul. Yeah, many have accused him for so many stuffs but hey… he set up hospitals and schools in over 160 countries which offer free education, food, medicines and even surgeries. If you are against him, first try and do something like that.

The entire nation is mourning yet there are things that just freak me out. Like making a special helipad for VIP, special entry for VIPs who wants to pay their tribute… It’s so flipping insane. There are millions of people standing out there yet this people gets special treatment just because they have money. I don’t think Sathya Sai Baba would like this. Where is equality in this!

Another thing, I was chatting with a colleague and this guy is a software engineer yet his brain is so pre-historic. This guy was telling Sathya Sai Baba had the power to turn dirt into GOLD! This guy was so sure that he was ready to bet his ass for this…. Sathya Sai Baba was a mere human being like us who had an extra-ordinary vision. He was born just like anyone not like Kim Jong-Il’s when a bright star lit up the sky, the seasons spontaneously changed from winter to spring, and rainbows appeared. He even died like a mere human being. The only difference between Sathya Sai Baba and us is, his contribution will be remembered, his name will never fade away.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Peg after Peg - This is freaking hilarious

I got this hilarious email from a friend of mine and it's been over three days now but everytime i read this stuff it cracks me up. I thought you might wanna read this.

(Note: There is this name mentioned in the joke 'Shivaji Maharaj' , I know this spoils the fun but non-Indian might not know him. Shivaji Maharaj was an Indian king and I have also posted a pic of him to make things more graphical).. Here it goes.

I never take risk while drinking

When I come from office in the evening, wife is cooking

I can hear the noise of utensils in the kitchen

I stealthily enter the house

Take out the bottle from my black cupboard

Shivaji Maharaj is looking at me from the photo frame

But still no one is aware of it

Becoz I never take a risk

I take out the glass from the rack above the old sink

Quickly enjoy one peg

Wash the glass and again keep it on the rack

Of course I also keep the bottle inside my cupboard

Shivaji Maharaj is giving a smile

I peep into the kitchen

Wife is cutting potatoes

No one is aware of what I did

Becoz I never take a risk

I: Any news on Chopra's daughter's marriage

Wife: Nope, she doesn't seem to be that lucky. Still they are looking out
for her

I again come out; there is a small noise of the black cupboard

But I don't make any sound while taking out the bottle

I take out the glass from the old rack above sink

Quickly enjoy one peg

Wash the bottle and keep it in the sink

Also keep the Black Glass in the cupboard

But still no one is aware of what I did

Becoz I never take a risk

I: But still I think Chopra's daughter's age is not that much

Wife: What are you saying? She is 28 yrs old... Like an aged horse

I: (I forgot her age is 28) Oh Oh...

I again take out potatoes out from my black cupboard

But the cupboard's place has automatically changed

I take out the bottle from the rack and quickly enjoy one peg in the sink

Shivaji Maharaj laughs loudly

I keep the rack in the potatoes & wash Shivaji Maharaj's photo & keep

It in the black cupboard

Wife is keeping the sink on the stove

But still no one is aware of what I did

Becoz I never take a risk

I: (getting angry) you call Mr. Chopra a horse? If you say that again,

I will cut your tongue...!

Wife: Don't just blabber something, go out and sit quietly...

I take out the bottle from the potatoes

Go in the black cupboard and enjoy a peg

Wash the sink and keep it over the rack

Wife is giving a smile

Shivaji Maharaj is still cooking

But still no one is aware of what I did

Becoz I never take a risk

I: (laughing) So Chopra is marrying a horse!!

Wife: Hey go and sprinkle some water on your face...

I again go to the kitchen, and quietly sit on the rack

Stove is also on the rack

There is a small noise of bottles from the room outside

I peep and see that wife is enjoying a peg in the sink

But none of the horses are aware of what I did

Becoz Shivaji Maharaj never takes a risk

Chopra is still cooking

And I am looking at my wife from the photo and laughing

Becoz I never take Risk ...

Monday, April 11, 2011

The Terrifying Truth

Recently I lost someone I knew to the ultimate universal truth ‘DEATH’. I regret his lose but it was a humbling experience for me. It opened my eyes to a whole new level and brought me to my knees thinking about what all life is about.

Our whole life we fight and fight for a better tomorrow, for money, fame and success but once death comes to you, none of this would matter. We can’t take any of the things that we have spent our entire life earning it. The sports car, the new house, the designer clothes, none of it would matter. No matter who you are, its dust, you are going to be in the end. No matter what you have achieved, its dust, you are going to be in the end. We are all just dust. Even though the song ‘Dust in the Wind’ by Kansas doesn’t signify anything to the point here, but listening to it and writing this is making so much sense. What I want to say here is, life is short. Stop wasting it trying to be all greedy. Help the people around you. Share your wealth because in the end you will be leaving it all behind when you meet your ultimate truth.

So why don’t you rich bastards for a change share your wealth with the one who really needs it.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

How Do you Keep Your Life BITCH FREE

You wanna know why babies cry the moment he came to the world. Some may say because of exposure to light while medical geniuses says its because the first time a baby breath the lungs hurts. I say, its bull shit. It’s because life is a bitch and babies subconsciously cries because he/she realize that coming to this world was a wrong decision. Ok, please spare all the life is great and beautiful speech because you can’t deny that life ain’t a bitch. The ride is not as pleasant and smooth as you thought it will be when you were young. Some may start realizing this from a very small age while majority realizes the moment he starts working.

Don’t buy this story! Well if you are a corporate slut, think deeply. If your life still ain’t a bitch please tell me how you manage to keep your life “BITCH FREE’. Seriously, I want to know.