Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Peg after Peg - This is freaking hilarious

I got this hilarious email from a friend of mine and it's been over three days now but everytime i read this stuff it cracks me up. I thought you might wanna read this.

(Note: There is this name mentioned in the joke 'Shivaji Maharaj' , I know this spoils the fun but non-Indian might not know him. Shivaji Maharaj was an Indian king and I have also posted a pic of him to make things more graphical).. Here it goes.

I never take risk while drinking

When I come from office in the evening, wife is cooking

I can hear the noise of utensils in the kitchen

I stealthily enter the house

Take out the bottle from my black cupboard

Shivaji Maharaj is looking at me from the photo frame

But still no one is aware of it

Becoz I never take a risk

I take out the glass from the rack above the old sink

Quickly enjoy one peg

Wash the glass and again keep it on the rack

Of course I also keep the bottle inside my cupboard

Shivaji Maharaj is giving a smile

I peep into the kitchen

Wife is cutting potatoes

No one is aware of what I did

Becoz I never take a risk

I: Any news on Chopra's daughter's marriage

Wife: Nope, she doesn't seem to be that lucky. Still they are looking out
for her

I again come out; there is a small noise of the black cupboard

But I don't make any sound while taking out the bottle

I take out the glass from the old rack above sink

Quickly enjoy one peg

Wash the bottle and keep it in the sink

Also keep the Black Glass in the cupboard

But still no one is aware of what I did

Becoz I never take a risk

I: But still I think Chopra's daughter's age is not that much

Wife: What are you saying? She is 28 yrs old... Like an aged horse

I: (I forgot her age is 28) Oh Oh...

I again take out potatoes out from my black cupboard

But the cupboard's place has automatically changed

I take out the bottle from the rack and quickly enjoy one peg in the sink

Shivaji Maharaj laughs loudly

I keep the rack in the potatoes & wash Shivaji Maharaj's photo & keep

It in the black cupboard

Wife is keeping the sink on the stove

But still no one is aware of what I did

Becoz I never take a risk

I: (getting angry) you call Mr. Chopra a horse? If you say that again,

I will cut your tongue...!

Wife: Don't just blabber something, go out and sit quietly...

I take out the bottle from the potatoes

Go in the black cupboard and enjoy a peg

Wash the sink and keep it over the rack

Wife is giving a smile

Shivaji Maharaj is still cooking

But still no one is aware of what I did

Becoz I never take a risk

I: (laughing) So Chopra is marrying a horse!!

Wife: Hey go and sprinkle some water on your face...

I again go to the kitchen, and quietly sit on the rack

Stove is also on the rack

There is a small noise of bottles from the room outside

I peep and see that wife is enjoying a peg in the sink

But none of the horses are aware of what I did

Becoz Shivaji Maharaj never takes a risk

Chopra is still cooking

And I am looking at my wife from the photo and laughing

Becoz I never take Risk ...


  1. It is hilarious. Yawwn !! :))

  2. This is hilarious... Really cracked me up.. but i controlled myself as I never take risk.. LOL

  3. LOl... Thanks for sharing

  4. I have read this one before but seriously everytime i read this... it cracks me up. Have a great week ahead

  5. Alcohol does weird stuff...

  6. The pic really did help me get the joke... How was you long weekend!

  7. I checked Slash and in fact, it looks like a top hat the mad hatter would wear ^^

    Thanks for the comment!!

    Have a nice day/night,

  8. hilarious...but you are treading into difficult waters..hope that the Shiv Sena isn't listening....

  9. @Dave you too have a great day!

  10. @Lucinda It sure doe.. You too have a great day/night!

  11. @Mridul Yeah lets hope he does not see this. I don't want to see the wrath of his sword.. LOL

  12. Anonymous3/5/11

    This is mad!! had a good


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