Monday, April 11, 2011

The Terrifying Truth

Recently I lost someone I knew to the ultimate universal truth ‘DEATH’. I regret his lose but it was a humbling experience for me. It opened my eyes to a whole new level and brought me to my knees thinking about what all life is about.

Our whole life we fight and fight for a better tomorrow, for money, fame and success but once death comes to you, none of this would matter. We can’t take any of the things that we have spent our entire life earning it. The sports car, the new house, the designer clothes, none of it would matter. No matter who you are, its dust, you are going to be in the end. No matter what you have achieved, its dust, you are going to be in the end. We are all just dust. Even though the song ‘Dust in the Wind’ by Kansas doesn’t signify anything to the point here, but listening to it and writing this is making so much sense. What I want to say here is, life is short. Stop wasting it trying to be all greedy. Help the people around you. Share your wealth because in the end you will be leaving it all behind when you meet your ultimate truth.

So why don’t you rich bastards for a change share your wealth with the one who really needs it.


  1. Well said, AK. As JC Himself admonished us (I'm paraphrasing), "Lay not up your treasures on earth, where moths can enter and rust can corrupt. But rather lay up your treasures in Heaven which endures forever."

    We spend our lives ammassing ridiculous 'things' as if lots of cool 'stuff' is what life is all about. Even agnostics and atheists can acknowledge that regardles of an afterlife or not, loving and caring for one another, being our 'brother's keeper' and being, feeling, as an interconnected ONE is what it's really about on this side of the grave, hmm?

    Marvin D Wilson

  2. Lol. It's true - 'you can't take it with you', but it's DAMN FUN acquiring it to try !

  3. Ohh.. that's really sad.. Ya, death of a person makes us remind of the ultimate truth especially if he/she is a close one... Well, all we can do is pray for soul to rest in peace.. and ya, people must not be greedy and enjoy life while sharing and caring for others..

  4. Sorry to hear that.

    But well said! I think most people, sometimes even ourselves are blinded by the wealth we can find in this world.

    "Share your wealth because in the end you will be leaving it all behind when you meet your ultimate truth." - very very true.

  5. People should learn to share.. Sorry for the lose dude

  6. Greed is a worse than cancer. If only people learn top share the world would have bee so different!

  7. Dead right bro. So sorry to hear about your lose but that';s the fact of life

  8. We should all learn to share. Love that song 'dust in the wind' and i guess it does make sense to this post!

  9. I'm sorry you lost someone you cared about.

    Death is a wake up call. And you are right, all the wealth in the world is for nothing. We all end up the same in the end. Enjoy what you do have and laugh at those who have more. They are no better than the rest of us and probably not as happy.


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