Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My ride to Office

Don't you get this feeling that God can be unfair at times. I hope am not the only one here who feels that sometimes God ain't fair! It’s not that I have lost faith in God and am not questioning how he is taking care of business, I have full faith in him and I can feel that something good (a 10 digit bank balance) is in store for me. But Dear God, there are times when I feel that you could have been more generous and quicker in answering my prayers, like right now when am dead broke and at-least three levels below the Poverty line. To top it, my ride from home to office couldn't have been worse. its more like going on a safari trip.

Here are some pics, i clicked on my way to office.

The Delhi-Gurgaon Toll Gate: The second largest in Asia. This place becomes a nightmare after 7:00 Pm

A Local Ice Cream cart, these are very cheap and so good. They carry around ten different flavors, plus Ice cream type drinks.

Looks like a small Shop, right! Well you will astonish at the variety of stuffs you can get from here. Cigarettes, Match Box, Lighter, Candies, Chewing Cum, Tea, Coffee, bread toast, Omelette, Pan Masla etc..etc..

Totally Messed up Alley

Another sight which makes me fell like am going on a Safari tour everyday. I travel from streets that resemble like small rivers, bumpy roads and pure dirt roads.

The monsoon is here and some streets are like small rivers. If you are into kayaking, you can even kayak in the main highway between Delhi to Gurgaon.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Metallica In India: Tickets Up for Sale

(Updated: Incase if you need a ticket to the Metallica show in Delhi, let me know. I have a friend who has an extra pass.)

(Updated: Read my post on How to watch Metallica In India for Free here: Click Me)

(Update: Guys Metallica india tour 2011 tickets are up for sale. Visit and book your tickets)

Just got the news, Metallica Tickets for Indian will be up on sale from July 3 on With this news, the dream of watching Metallica in India is becoming more realistic. Though the news of Metallica India concert tickets going up for sale is spreading like wild fire but still there is no news about the ticket price. Some says the Metallica Ticket Price will be around seven to eight thousands, but I don’t think it will be that expensive. If they really charge that much, Indian Metal Heads really need to start saving up. We can’t deny the fact that most metal heads in India survive on a slender budget.

Let’s wait for 3rd of July and see how much they will charge and how much me have to sacrifice to watch Metallica live in India.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Cheapest Bar in Delhi

Which is the cheapest bar in Delhi? For me, it’s ‘My Bar’ in Paharganj. If you are among those who like to get drunk in bars where you have to dress up, where people wear flashy designer clothes, this is definitely not for you. My Bar is a very laidback bar, even if you are wearing torn jeans, t-shirts, flip flops or shorts, they will not restrict your entry. It’s a favourite among college students as there are hardly any cheap bars in Delhi like My Bar. Most of the bars in Delhi are insanely expensive. The ambiance of the bar is very lively but the best part about this bar is the price. It’s so cheap, I feel like am drinking for free, where in the world can three guys get drunk for just 500 rupees (around 20$). If you go to a regular Delhi bar, you would get 2 peg of whisky. Here a peg of whisky, vodka, rum and gin is just rupees 32. A bottle of beer is for 80 rupees. This is so going to be my favorite bar in Delhi.

Seriously its freaking cheap.

Me Like Beer.. Me Drink Lots

The recently dumped dude/ upcoming Player/ upcoming Death Metal vocalist quenching his thirst for........

From the bar, we took a quick visit to Jama Masjid, which is just 10 minutes from Paharganj.

This is Jama Masjid, the largest Mosque in india.

I've never been inside Jama Masjid. I wanted to go inside but my conscious did not allow because I was half drunk.