Thursday, July 14, 2011

Why Vegetarianism is Lame

Vegetarianism! I don’t think human beings can become any lamer than Vegetarianism. Our forefathers fought and sacrificed their lives so that we can be on top of the food chain and here we are advocating Vegetarianism. I don’t think ancient human beings would be proud of us. Making our forefathers proud is not enough to prove why we should drop the whole idea of Vegetarianism, but I have solid proof to support why vegetarianism sucks.

Reason 1
Imagine if all these animal right organizations and vegan somehow manage to convince the leaders of the world to declare meat eating illegal, economy of all those countries will go haywire. Meat is a vast industry and millions of lives depend on this industry to survive. Imagine if they impose this view all these individuals will become jobless. Will the government offer them alternative ways to earn their livelihood? All these butchers, animal farmers and fishermen’s will be screwed. That’s not all. Can you imagine the thousands of people who work with KFC, MC Donald and so on will all go jobless!

Reason 2
Can you give me just one point about the advantage of a chicken or a pig if we don’t eat them? If we let them live these animals, our cities, towns and villages will be a huge animal farm and let’s not forget the smell.

Reason 3

Above all, the most important reason why we should drop the idea of Vegetarianism is they taste good, what better reason than that. I can’t even imagine surviving on vegetables alone.

P.s. Writing this post made me so hungry. Now I have to have roasted pork ribs.


  1. While I'm not a vegetarian, I think it's everyone's right to chose what they will and won't eat. Some people are vegetarians for particular health reasons. Also, I'd never expect the government to ban meat or anything, maybe banning all the chemicals and hormones they put into it, though.

    And on a side note, fast food meat is not meat! I don't even want to think about that. I'd rather have a juicy homemade grass fed beef burger on the grill. :)

  2. We "carnivores" rock!!! ^5


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