Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Independence Day Celebration in Office

Am grateful to all the freedom fighters who sacrificed their life so that we can have a better one, am even more grateful because we get a day off from work every year. August 15 is Indian Independence Day and my office people celebrated an advance Independence Day on 12th of August since the office will be closed on 15th of August. It was a fun day at work though the special Independence Day lunch sucked big time. We were told that we will be having a special Independence Day lunch but I never had such disgusting food ever in my life. Here are some pictures that I clicked that day.

This is the patriot rice. They Served the Tri Color Rice.

This was suppose to be the Special Independence Day Lunch. BTW, I have noticed that most Indian dishes have balls. I think that the Indian Culinary inventors are obsessed with balls. Even here in my plate you will find two balls and both are from different dishes.

The tri color sweet dish.

The patriot security guard. Who in the world would not feel safe when you have such patriot security

My work station with the tri colored balloons and the flag. This picture was taken 4 days back and the balloons look weird today with the air out, more like a penis. I think I'll have to take them down.

This is mr. Bk Bhatt, our Associate Director. No where in the world you will find such a cool Director. Am not saying this just because he sits next to me and he know that this is my blog but because he always finance our alcohol as well as mid day snacks. Everyone should have HOD's like him.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

How to Watch Metallica in India for FREE

(UPDATE:Metallica in Delhi is cancelled)

(Updated: Incase if you need a ticket to the Metallica show in Delhi, let me know. I have a friend who has an extra pass.)

I think this is the right time to publish this post because the Metallica concert in Delhi and Bangalore is two months away and its up to you to choose whether you want to risk and try to watch Metallica in India for free or you want to pay for the Metallica concert tickets. Before I start with the post, I have to warn you that am not responsible for anything. I don’t guarantee whether this will work or not. Anyway, here it is:

  • This thing worked for me in two Great Indian Rock Festivals. What you have to do here is, you need to have long hair, must wear a metal t-shirt, torn jeans or army shorts. Go to the back side of the venue where performers enter and exit and tell the security guy that you left your artist access car inside the venue. But this will most probably work when in group of 4 to 5. If that security looks like a bouncer with black shirts, I’ll advice you not to approach. Try to find the normal security guy with uniform.
  • The second tip will work only if you are a hot girl or a dude with a hot girl. If you are a hot girl, try and seduce the security guy by starting up a juicy conversation and tell him that you forgot your pass at home and whether he can sneak you inside. If it still does not work, flash your boobs, am sure it will work. If you are a dude with a hot girl friend, let your hot girlfriend do the talking and do mention that you are her brother or cousin. Never ever mention that you guys are a couple.
  • We all know where the Metallica concert in Delhi or Bangalore will happen. Reach the venue at least two days in advance. Go inside the venue and pretend that you are one of the workers. Stay there till the concert day.
  • Try and find out the sponsors of the concert and try to get a job with any of the sponsors. If you get a job then try and pursue your HOD’s to let you have a free access. Getting a job with the event management company will surely also land you with a free ticket.
  • Incase if any of your friends buys the Metallica concert tickets, tell them to throw outside once they are in. I know it would be tough to convince the security guard about the already check ticket but you can tell him that you need something from outside and you could not find any one at the exit.
As I have mentioned before, is it worth it. After all Metallica don’t visit India every now and then. The tickets are not that expensive. Good luck if you want to try these ideas.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Metal Head turns wanna be Hip Hopper!

I really want to know what’s wrong with being a metal head. Of course we embrace the dark side of life, we may look a bit weird to many, we love our music with all our heart and we definitely love the color black. Why can’t some certain metal heads accept the fact that metal is not just about loving the music, it’s definitely more than just loving the music. It’s about living the life, being true to what you believe and following what you believe!

There are certain rules to being a true metal head. Loving the music is the most important of all, after that every metal head should have at least one t-shirt of his/hers favorite metal band. To me these are the two most important rules of all. It really hurts when some supposedly Death metal fan comes walking in with green loose t-shirts with the Adidas logo flashing, loose pants, flashy sports shoes with Justin Beiber, Lady Gaga and what not ruling his mp3 player. No offence to all the hip hop fans but when a dude dress up like that I’ll call him a hip hopper. Speaking of Hip Hop, I respect hip hop artists like RUN DMC and Public Enemy, these guys were talent but what the hell is going on with the hip hop scene. Everyone is rapping about blings, bitches, rims and rims.

Who am I to judge anyone, but I feel that we should always be true to our self. Nothing hurts more when you try to change who you are. If you love hip hop, don’t freaking pretend that you love Death Metal. For the record I still wear my Cannibal Corpse T-shirt to work even knowing how much it pisses of my boss because I can’t change who I am and what I love just for a job!