Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Buy Metallica India Concert Tickets with Hard Cash

(UPDATE:Metallica in Delhi is cancelled)

(Updated: Incase if you need a ticket to the Metallica show in Delhi, let me know. I have a friend who has an extra pass.)

Guys if you don’t have a credit card or net banking, worry not! You can buy your Metallica tickets for Delhi and Bangalore with hard cash now. Ticket Genie has recently published a list of stores where you can buy Metallica India concert tickets in cities across the country, in fact in all the major cities in India. In short, you can buy Metallica Delhi concert tickets as well as Metallica concert tickets for Bangalore in almost all Planet M stores.

Crack open your piggy banks, beg your mom and dad, whore around or do whatever, just make sure that you reach these retails stores with 2750 or 1650 Rupees before its too late.

For all the lazy bastards: Click here to get the list of stores where you can buy Metallica India concert tickets with cash.

P.s: The picture above is not Metallica ticket for India, but am hopping that it will be something like this.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Going Psycho over Death!

I have a phobia for death. It’s not that serious but it’s been more than 4 months I can’t stop thinking about death. I can’t even watch movies with gun fights or anything related to death. Every day on my way to office, I think about one day I’ll have to leave all these, I won’t be here and no one would even notice that I am not here except for my family and some friends. The world will go on as usual, my death won’t make any effect to the world. The thought of burying, worms feeding on my body, it’s so terrifying. The worst is what if I come back to life after they bury me.

I have been never like this before. My phobia increased even more since the terrorist attack on Delhi High Court on September 07 and the earthquake that came later that same night. I thought Delhi was going to end that day itself.

All I can do now is pray to God that make this transaction smooth.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Birthday Freddie Mercury

-->Not much real music lover can deny that Freddie Mercury wasn’t a big influence. Freddie Mercury was one of the foundation the whole rock music scene was built. His contribution to the music world is immeasurable. Freddie Mercury along with his band member created a song for every moment, at least for me. No matter what the occasion or emotion is I can always find a Queen Song that suits the mood. Here is my list of Queen Songs and when I listen to:
Love of my life and Crazy Little Thing Called Love – When am feeling all romantic

Somebody To Love – When am feeling all alone and rejected

We Will Rock Your – When I wanna Kick Some Serious Ass

We are the Champions – Well we all know when we listen to this song

Radio Ga Ga – When am reminiscing

I Want it all – Of-course when I want it all the way with my Girl (I know it’s a weird song to listen in that situation)

Under Pressure – When am in the toilet trying to push a big one down.

Happy Birthday Freddie, you're songs will always inspire me.......