Friday, October 28, 2011

Metallica in Delhi is cancelled

What was supposed to be the event of this era turned fuckish when the show organizers pulled of the concert because of some certain technical problems. Hell yeah, am talking about tonight’s Metallica concert in Delhi. I have been waiting for this concert for a long time along with almost thirty thousand metal heads.

First they postpone the show and now they have cancelled the show altogether. I know why they have to cancel the show and it’s because the crowd went on a rampage. But the crowd action was pretty much justified. A friend of mine was outside the venue since last night. He told me that Metallica came for sound check 3 in the morning. It was not just one guy there were people coming in from different states and even from nearby countries to see the show. It was really frustrating. The crowd reaction was pretty much justified.

The confusing part was, they announced that the show has been postponed just one hour before the show and Metallica was still in their hotel. I have this feeling that it was not because of some technical snag but because of some management problem. The Metallica crew did manage to take out all the equipments before the announcement but whatever equipments that were left got fucked big time. Am not even sure whether Metallica concert for Bangalore is still on or not.

The screwed up part is Metallica in Delhi is cancelled. According to some news source DNA guys will refund the money.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

One Day to Metallica Live in Delhi

(UPDATE:Metallica in Delhi is cancelled)

Finally…We just have one more day to go. Hell yeah, I am talking about the Metallica concert in Delhi. This has to be the best news for 2011. I have never imagined even in my wildest dream that I would get to see Metallica playing live. Dreams do come true.

It’s such a bad news that they are out of Metallica concert tickets for Delhi. How can someone be so disorganized. We know the turn out for Iron Maiden Concert in Bangalore. How in the world they did not planned this accordingly. It’s really sad to see so many metal heads running here and there to grab Metallica concert tickets.

I hope that the tickets will be available for sale in the venue.

Guys see you at Leisure Valley Tomorrow. Don’t forget to wear your uniform (torn jeans + Black Metallica T-shirts). After all you don’t get to dress up in your uniform everyday.
People of Gurgaon are in for a shock tomorrow. Watching some twenty to thirty thousand dudes with long hair will be such a cultural shock for them. They do see the occasional metal heads like me with long hair, torn jeans and metal shirt but seeing some thousand dudes like me will be a shock.

Have a blast and bang your head till it roll off……..

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pictures of Metal Shows In New Delhi

We just have two days to go for Metallica in India and the Delhi metal scene couldn’t be better. Some two years back, we hardly used to have metal shows, during those times if we get to see a show once in a month that was pretty awesome as most months goes without even a single metal gig in Delhi. Today, Delhi is hosting metal shows almost every night, at least four in a week. Though I have to drag my ass to work five days a week, still I manage to catch a show or two in a week. This month I’ve managed to see three metal shows, including an international band, ‘Sylosis’, a British heavy metal band in IIT Delhi blitzkrieg 2011. The best part is, I’ll be closing this month with Metallica in New Delhi. I can’t think of a better way to end the month than watching Metallica live in New Delhi.

Circus Playing Tribute to Nirvana Nevermind 20th anniversary at Hard Rock Cafe New Delhi

The Circus: They are a groovy bunch

The Harley Rock Riders Grand Finale 2011, Talkatora Stadium

Circus played a pretty decent show. But Split stole everyone's thunder that night.

Parikrama were the headlining band but had to move out before they start playing because I can't stand those dudes anymore. Am tired of hearing the same songs.

IIT Delhi Blitzkrieg 2011

Performing Bands - Super tight. Sound - great. Lights - Super Sexy. Venue - Can't think of a better one than this. Crowd - Bunch of posers. Who the fuck does Bhangra dance in a Metal show. Its a real shame for the IIT organizers because they don't give the pass to real metal heads who live for this music but will fill the theatre with posers who doesn't know a shit about metal.

Every Year its the same story in IIT Delhi Blitzkrieg. You call up the Organizers and they will tell you they don't have any pass to the show. You somehow manage to grab hold of a pass and enter the venue. The place will be full of posers doing the Bhangra dance while Metal Bands play their heart out. Real Shame for IIT Delhi Blitzkrieg, 2011 Organizers.

Sylosis - They were Freaking Tight.

My Neck still hurts from all the head banging. Thank you Sylosis for that super awesome show!

Just two more days to Metallica in New Delhi. Its too bad that the tickets for Metallica concert in Delhi are all sold out. Hope the ticket genie and DNA guys will figure out a way. Incase if you need a ticket to the Metallica show in Delhi, let me know. I have a friend who has an extra pass...

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Average Indian Man on Women

The average Indian man concept and knowledge on women, women body, her sexuality and the way she thinks is very different from any average man of any country. Most of the opinions are hilariously while some are very offensive.

Disclaimer: Below contains strong sexual contents. Please leave if you are not comfortable with juicy sexually topics.

According to many of my colleagues, if a girl smokes, she is an easy prey. According to them, clothes of a girl who smokes will disappear faster than Poonam Pandey after the Cricket World Cup. A guy doesn’t need to do anything to get them. All we have to do is say ‘hi’ and she will come running after you. But if that’s the case, how come most of them are still virgins. BTW, a 30 year old virgin dude is not rare case, but in fact being 30 and not a virgin is a very rare case over her.

For women who drink alcohol, well I guess I don’t have to say anything here. But i think it will be like a porn video, where the guy walks in and the girl is waiting for him, no conversation just straight to the point.

How do you know a girl is interested in you? Well, a co-worker thinks that any girl who looks at him is interested in her. Every day at work, I get to hear this at least 5 time ‘Dude, that girl just looked at me, am sure she is interested in, why won’t she be, after all am handsome, my mom told me that am handsome’.

In the dictionary of an average Indian dude, there is no such thing as friendship between a man and a woman. If the opposite sex talks to you, she is interested in you.

Though discrimination is supposed to be illegal yet it is still widely practiced. There is religious discrimination, caste discrimination, regional discrimination and so on but when it comes to women, they are all equal. For an average India dude no matter what religion she follows, where she is from, what she does, her looks, the way she dress, an Indian dude will hit on any girl who comes in his way.

Who doesn’t like boobs? Some like em big, while for some, smaller the better. According to a certain guy I know, the size of a girl’s boobs depends on how much her boyfriend or husband fold and squeeze. According to this theory, the more you squeeze, the bigger it will be. Girls, why waste money on plastic enhancement, just keep on squeezing and watch it grow.

Many of you must not have heard of the term ‘Eve Teasing’, but it’s a very common term here, plus its one of the most committed crimes, especially in Delhi. But, it’s not totally the eve teaser fault’s because most guys thinks that the girl will fall in love with her if you whistle at the girl, pass comments on her body part, grab her ass in crowded places.. etc.. etc..

There are also many who believe that if you keep on following the girl you love, she will eventually fall in love with you. How do I know this? There was this guy, an ex-colleague who used to like a girl from Noida and his game plan was to roam around her house on weekends, plus there was this dude from my gym who told me that he used to circle around a certain girl college in his bike every day. With moves like this, it’s not a wonder why ‘30 and still virgin’ is so common.

Above all this one has to be the most hilarious and offensive. A certain dude from my work place told me the secret how an Indian girl preserve her virginity while still having sex. The answer is anal sex. His explanation was since most girls know that the chances of getting married to her boy friend is very slim, so instead of normal sex, girls let their boyfriends go anal.

There is a dude I know who is a hard core Death Metal fan though he wears hip hop clothes and this guy has a major crush on a girl and his game plan is to ignore her. I mean totally ignoring her. According to another female colleague, her secret to a healthy relationship is no sex.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Exploring Delhi's Street Market - Part 1

I am totally, 100% not a mall person. Reason 1: I can’t afford most of the things there, leave alone shopping there; I have to think twice before buying a soda can. I am not a cheap guy, but how can I spend when it’s so expensive, way above my wallet. Reason 2: I can’t stand those sales people with their fake smile.

I am more of a crowded market or a bazaar kind of person where I have to push my way through. I may not be the best bargainer in the city but I love to bargain. It gives me the feeling that I have the power to negotiate. Another reason why I love these places is because the people here are real.

Recently I have been exploring lots of street bazaars in New Delhi and last Sunday I went to a nearby market which happens every Sunday.

Here are some pics from there.

The Bed sheet guy. Everything in his stall/shop is for rs 15o.. Its freaking cheap

Shirts, Shirts everywhere but not a single shirt to wear.

Yeah, they even sell pirated DVD's

This is a key/lock/knife guy and you will see such guys almost everywhere. These guys are everywhere, outside my home, malls, outside movie theater .......

Remember the movie Titanic? Girls don't deny that you did not cry while watching this movie. Titanic is still a hit here in New Delhi, people still buy their t-shirts, scarfs and even jeans.. Serious, i saw some jeans with the Titanic pic in it.

What Did i got from this market

Well i got two pairs of socks (15 bucks), a scarf (10 bucks), a tongue scraper (5 bucks) and a DVD with 5 Bollywood movies (20 bucks) , all for Rs 50 only. roughly around 1 USD.

If you want to visit this market, here are the details:
Where: RK Puram Sector 6.
Nearby Landmark: Sangam Cinema
When: Every Sunday from 14:00 to 21:00 hrs