Thursday, October 27, 2011

One Day to Metallica Live in Delhi

(UPDATE:Metallica in Delhi is cancelled)

Finally…We just have one more day to go. Hell yeah, I am talking about the Metallica concert in Delhi. This has to be the best news for 2011. I have never imagined even in my wildest dream that I would get to see Metallica playing live. Dreams do come true.

It’s such a bad news that they are out of Metallica concert tickets for Delhi. How can someone be so disorganized. We know the turn out for Iron Maiden Concert in Bangalore. How in the world they did not planned this accordingly. It’s really sad to see so many metal heads running here and there to grab Metallica concert tickets.

I hope that the tickets will be available for sale in the venue.

Guys see you at Leisure Valley Tomorrow. Don’t forget to wear your uniform (torn jeans + Black Metallica T-shirts). After all you don’t get to dress up in your uniform everyday.
People of Gurgaon are in for a shock tomorrow. Watching some twenty to thirty thousand dudes with long hair will be such a cultural shock for them. They do see the occasional metal heads like me with long hair, torn jeans and metal shirt but seeing some thousand dudes like me will be a shock.

Have a blast and bang your head till it roll off……..


  1. Anonymous27/10/11

    You write with passion but a lil' post-editing might take you a long way(If you know what I mean). \m/_

  2. wow,it looks so cool.I also like the Metallica t shirt.


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