Monday, November 7, 2011

Pictures of Delhi - Its tough to get bored here!

I have said this before and I’ll say it now, ‘It’s very tough to get bored in Delhi’. The crowd, the sound and the smell which blends perfectly with the flamboyant lifestyle of the locals and the diverse ethnicity and the culture makes Delhi so unique. Compare to other western cities, Delhi is at least 5 steps behind major Western cities in terms of infrastructure, entertainment, economy and so on. But what we have over here is natural entertainment, which you will find it everywhere.

Take a cruise around the city; the streets are full of contrast. You will find bullock carts stuck in traffic jams along with BMW and Mercedes cars, a slum on one side and a top notch shopping mall on the other and of course those Indian cars like Maruti 800 with BMW and Ferrari logo. Seriously it’s very tough to get bored in Delhi.

I don’t deny the fact that most people, especially Westerners might find Delhi’s chaotic ambiance frightening but the trick to enjoy this city is to come with an open mind and be prepared to expect the unexpected. If I were to give out travel tips, all I have to say is go foot loose and yeah, girls dress conservatively.

Here are some random pictures of Delhi. Enjoy!!!!

Chariot owner decorating his Chariot, most probably on his way to a wedding. In India, the groom always arrive in a horse drawn Chariot. Keeping the Fairytale tradition alive.

Factory workers enjoying their lunch bought from rickshaws. Taking the meaning of Al fresco dining to a whole new level, Delhi Style.

School children returning from school. You think your kids school bus is not safe enough.

Delivering the Goods. Wanna know what goods they are carrying. It was loaded with whiskey.

Making Chole Batura, one of Delhi's favorite street foods. These food are super delicious but its also super unhygienic.


  1. Love the pics. I have heard so much Delhi, both good and bad but i can't to explore your city.

  2. Fairytale wedding. Must be quite a sight.

  3. On my last visit to India, i saw around 10 kids squeezed in one of auto rickshaw. Its really not safe.

  4. Feel sad for the school kids. its really dangerous. If that kid fall from there, he could even hurt seriously.

  5. A.K from where do you get click all these pictures. Always a pleasure to read your blog posts and your pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Outdoor dining...its looks like fun. Really enjoyed the pics.

  7. Though i have never been to India, but i feel like I have been there by reading your random posts on Delhi and all the amazing pictures. Cheers dude! Do post more about Delhi.

  8. I have been to India and i have also explore Delhi. I cannot deny the fact that Delhi is Chaotic but once you get used to it, its tough to resist.

  9. Truck full of alcohol.. Did the thought of robing that truck crossed your mind? Now i want to drink.

  10. Good to see you blogging again dude. How are dealing with the Metallica Concert which was canceled. I know you must be depressed, anyway life goes on and Metallica will definitely visit India.

  11. I'm sorry you feel so deceived by Metallica that you can't listen to them anymore. I can understand that. Did they - at least - make any statement on their website or something?

    Try not to be too upset about what happened, I'm sure they'll do something about it (if not, then they ARE jackass).

    Epica is not so power Metal (not at all actually), they are definitely a symphonic, Heavy and Death Metal band. And if you really pay attention, they have nothing to do with Nightwish (apart from the fact that they're both symphonic bands with choirs and female singers).

    I don't think I'll ever go to see Metallica, not my cup of tea, though they inspired so many bands. I'm sure there are nice videos on Youtube?

    Have a nice day, and thanks for sharing a part of your Indian culture =)
    But you guys are right, not safe for children XD


  12. loved the post and nooooo chola bhatura served on the streets is not unhygienic - with all the deep frying most bacteria etc wud be dead :D

  13. Anonymous15/1/13

    I have lived in Sydney, Hong Kong, London and Delhi and I think that Delhi is a very boring city to live in. There is so much more happening and to do in other cities compared to Delhi. One thing that annoyed me is that there are no pubs in Delhi. There are bars that serve as restaurants in a way but not a real pub feel. This is really disappointing. And all the drinking holes are not located near each other. There was not really a lot to do on weekends besides travelling out of Delhi.


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