Tuesday, March 29, 2011

India vs Pakistan! Who Will Enter the Finals

Even though I try to remain indifferent towards cricket but its almost impossible to stay away from it especially like the match that's going to happen tomorrow. Yeah, the Cricket World Cup Semi-final march between India vs Pakistan. You turn on the TV, its full of it. Indian Media need to expand their horizon. The news is full of this, can't they cover something else like the Radiation problem Japan is facing. I believe that is equally important. Every channel is drawing out their wild prediction about the game.. Some predicting how India will beat Pakistan, while some crying why Indian teams will not win... Its a mad world out there right at the moment!

Am not here to rant. I won't do any ranting today. Instead I should be happy, because of this match I can doze off in that dark room where they screen the match in my office. The noise is a bit disturbing but everyone has to adjust to certain things. Plus, rumors had it that, my office administration is going to serve light snacks and drinks.

Oh yeah.. my view about the match.. Well, since am not much of a cricket person so I guess ' may the best team win'....