Thursday, April 7, 2011

How Do you Keep Your Life BITCH FREE

You wanna know why babies cry the moment he came to the world. Some may say because of exposure to light while medical geniuses says its because the first time a baby breath the lungs hurts. I say, its bull shit. It’s because life is a bitch and babies subconsciously cries because he/she realize that coming to this world was a wrong decision. Ok, please spare all the life is great and beautiful speech because you can’t deny that life ain’t a bitch. The ride is not as pleasant and smooth as you thought it will be when you were young. Some may start realizing this from a very small age while majority realizes the moment he starts working.

Don’t buy this story! Well if you are a corporate slut, think deeply. If your life still ain’t a bitch please tell me how you manage to keep your life “BITCH FREE’. Seriously, I want to know.