Monday, May 9, 2011

The Black Crowes! Do you Listen to Em

Do you like the Black Crows? The Black Crows is one of the best Rock N’ Roll band in the world! I don’t like em. I love them. If I were to explain their music in one word, it has to be ‘RIGHT’. Everything is in the right proportion. Nothing is over done everything is in the right potion. The guitar solos are loud and melodic, their bass lines are kick ass and their drums are so groovy and the vocals just pierce through everything. If Led Zeppelin and ZZ Top were stars and if they collide, you would have the Black Crowes.

Unfortunately to fall in love with the Black Crowes, you need to know Rock n Roll and you must have the curve to listen to something intelligent. But it all depends how you start listening to them. Listen to their song ‘She Talks to Angels’; you will curse God for blessing Chris Robinson with such vocal and for being so partial. The songs talks about a woman who lost a child and who now copes with her pain through the use of illegal drugs. They did cover the song ‘Everybody must get stone’, but their version feels more alive than Bob Dylan’s. Even if you are not stoned, this is a tough song not to groove along with. Honestly I love Otis Redding but if I am listening ‘Hard to Handle’, it has to be the Black Crowes version. AM not insulting Otis Redding but the Black Crowes version has more groove and feel.

I don’t want to disgrace the Black Crowes music and their music sounds as groovy no matter what state of mind you are but during my experimental years with soft recreational drug, I came to know that listening to the Black Crowes after smoking up sounds heavenly. There are few bands I used to listen when I get stoned and the Black Crowes, Led Zep’s and of course Pink Floyd. Just for fun, I did experiment with some bands. Just to know whether it’s the weed that makes these bands so amazing or is it their music. During those experiments, I used to throw in a song here and there by pop bands and everytime I felt like killing myself because their music sucks so much. Am sorry I can’t share any names here but these bands took the word ‘SUCKING’ to a whole new level.

I wrote this post because my blog is getting stuffed with post about Metallica in India. I guess this would be a fun way to take a break from the all Metallica playing in India though there are many sleepless nights I spent thinking about how awesome the Metallica concert in India would be. BTW, the Metallica concert tickets for Delhi and Bangalore are still not up for sale and no one has disclosed the ticket price for the Metallica concert in India. Still then, we still have good amount of time for Metallica in India.