Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Dumbest Thing ever

It’s almost 108 degree Fahrenheit and sitting between two weirdly figured women in the back seat of a small economy car. It’s really not that comfortable. Why not comfortable? Well the back seats for these cars were built for two people not three and secondly its really tough to sit in the middle and not make any kind of contacts with their body. I just don’t want them to think about me in that way and in such a tight situation, chances of hitting their melons were also very high. Weirdly Figured? I don’t judge people by their looks. Who am I to judge God’s creation? With their big fancy handbags they sure do look weirdly shaped. A mild work out won’t hurt that much though.

In that short 45 minutes ride from my home to my work place, I heard the weirdest thing in my life. There was this sweet lady with one of those weirdly shaped handbags and in that bag a baggage tag that the airline puts when flying was there. While trying my best to squeeze in between them I asked her, so you coming from somewhere, out of politeness. She said no? Why? I showed her the tag. She said, oh that! It’[s from the flight that I took some months back, am keeping that tag just to let people know that I have traveled in airplanes. I almost went crazy thinking why she wants people to known that she travels in airplanes; in fact it was the longest 40 minutes ever. Since I was dying to know why, I asked here. She replied in a very casual way, well am just trying to let people know that I have traveled in airplanes, I can afford and maybe this will add more value to my prestige. I remotely did not see this coming. In my list of things to hear before dying, I just have one more thing left now. The sky opening up and farting!

This was huge. If she really wants prestige and want attention, she should try to loose some of her stuff like: her weight, her fake Gucci glasses and the weirdly high heeled shoes that make sounds like the footsteps of a villain from a 70’s movie and of course her airline tag. Am not a fashion guru, but hey I can make out when a person is wearing a fake designer stuff. To some it may be a gift, but I think this is the most beautiful curse God has given me.

BTW, leaving old airline tags in bags is one of the major reasons why baggages get lost in the airport or getting transferred to a different destination.

I almost forgot this. My big question to the picture below and the horn that he is flashing is, are your freaking aware of what that means. I don't think he even has the slightest idea of what it means and what it stands for.

Image Source: CLICK HERE