Monday, June 13, 2011

Funniest 80's Hair Metal Songs

Am very liberal when it comes to soft recreational drugs like the herb, gay marriage (for god sake let’s give em some room), abortion, religion and sex before marriage. But when it comes to music, am an extremist, even more that the hardcore Islamic extremist from the Middle East. Am very choosy to what I listen, in fact I look down at other genre of music besides ROCK and Heavy Metal (with exception to blues). it's a curse I have to live with it. Of all the different genre of music, its the Bollywood Music that i hate the most. I know 'Hate' is a very big word but I wish I could find a bigger word than this. I just hate the concept of a girl and a guy running in a garden, singing and dancing. The girl running and hiding from the guy behind a tree and then slowly poping her head out while she is still singing and then the guy chasing the girl….. Its freaking insane.

I am totally a 80’s person when it comes to music. I should have been a youth in the 80’s. All my favorite bands are from the 80’s. Just to my luck, I grew up in an era when the billboards were ruled by cheesy boy bands and girl bands. I consider myself very lucky because if it wasn’t for my dad, only god knows what I would be listening to. I can still remember listening to my dad’s collection of glam bands like Mr. Big, Poison, White Snakes and Skid Row. Now I don’t listen to glam bands that much but it’s was the door to Heavy Metal. These glam bands hit their peak in the 80’s but this was also the era when some of the most stupid songs were composed.

Eye of the Tiger by Survivor
The starting riff is very punchy and energetic, the entire song is very energetic but the lyrics don’t make sense at all.

Girls, Girls, Girls by Mötley Crüe
I have never been a big fan of Mötley Crüe. Girls, Girls, Girls is one of the many reason why am not a fan. I known it was one of those songs that brought the hair metal scene to the mainstream but the lyrics is just too hard for me to handle.

Bang Bang and Naughty Naughty by Danger Danger
I have nothing against these songs but do they really have to repeat it over and over again. The band name ‘Danger Danger’ is enough, but coming up with song names like Bang Bang, Naughty Naughty, its hilarious. Hope they won’t come up with songs like fart fart smelly smelly…..

Is This Love by Whitesnake
This song was nice until I saw the video. These guys were trying so hard to be sexy that it made them look like a bunch of losers. The way the guitarist was bending and shaking, it more looked like he was trying to make love with his guitar instead of playing it. If you love this song, never watch the video.

If I have missed out any song, please share it through the comment section.