Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Random Weekend Pictures

Do you hang out with your colleagues? I have this strict rule of not mixing my personal life with professional life. It’s nothing personal, I just don’t want to be near anything that would remind me of my work during my week off from office. Well almost everything and everyone except for this hard core death metal dude who sits behind me. This weekend me and some of the guys from work planned a day out and surprisingly it turned out to be very fun. We had lunch in this small Tibetan restaurant, where they serve the most delicious beef sausages and beef chilly. From there to a palace turned resort located some 60 kilometres from Delhi. Here are some random pics… enjoy !

(The super Delicious Beef Sausages)

(Sumit 'the workaholic/ upcoming Bhai and Mohit, metal head/herb lover/ recently dumped)

(This is Mamta, one of the sweetest person I have ever known)

(View of the Palace from the Entrance)

(I Seriously should try and remember the name of this palace)

(Me finger fighting the crazy black shirt dark glass monster. Yes, I won)

What I learned from this weekend? Never smoke up inside a car with the windows rolled up.