Monday, July 18, 2011

Metallica In India! Tickets up for Purchase

(UPDATE:Metallica in Delhi is cancelled)

(Updated: Incase if you need a ticket to the Metallica show in Delhi, let me know. I have a friend who has an extra pass.)

(Updated: Read my post on How to watch Metallica In India for Free here: Click Me)

Finally, we can officially book Metallica India concert tickets. I was overwhelmed when I realize that Metallica is really playing in India. Deep down inside I had this feeling that they were going to cancel the concert. Thank God, Metallica in India is a fact now. I have booked my tickets last Saturday, of course the front row which cost 2740. It’s a bit expensive compared to past international acts but come on its Metallica, the best freaking thrash Metal band in the world after Slayer. The tickets will be delivered to my home somewhere in August. Am really excited to see how the tickets will look like.

If you still haven’t booked your Metallica India concert tickets, I would suggest that you book ASAP.

Where to book:

Ticket cost
  • Front Row: Rupees 2750
  • Back Row: Rupees 1600 (I forgot the actual amount. Give or take some hundred bucks)
I remember I was suppose to share you guys ‘how to watch Metallica India Concert for Free’, well, I’ll be posting that this week.