Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Independence Day Celebration in Office

Am grateful to all the freedom fighters who sacrificed their life so that we can have a better one, am even more grateful because we get a day off from work every year. August 15 is Indian Independence Day and my office people celebrated an advance Independence Day on 12th of August since the office will be closed on 15th of August. It was a fun day at work though the special Independence Day lunch sucked big time. We were told that we will be having a special Independence Day lunch but I never had such disgusting food ever in my life. Here are some pictures that I clicked that day.

This is the patriot rice. They Served the Tri Color Rice.

This was suppose to be the Special Independence Day Lunch. BTW, I have noticed that most Indian dishes have balls. I think that the Indian Culinary inventors are obsessed with balls. Even here in my plate you will find two balls and both are from different dishes.

The tri color sweet dish.

The patriot security guard. Who in the world would not feel safe when you have such patriot security

My work station with the tri colored balloons and the flag. This picture was taken 4 days back and the balloons look weird today with the air out, more like a penis. I think I'll have to take them down.

This is mr. Bk Bhatt, our Associate Director. No where in the world you will find such a cool Director. Am not saying this just because he sits next to me and he know that this is my blog but because he always finance our alcohol as well as mid day snacks. Everyone should have HOD's like him.