Friday, November 18, 2011

Diwali, An Indian Festival Partly Made in China

Diwali was last month and its one of my favorite festivals. Fascinatingly, it looks and feels more like a battlefield rather than a festival as the whole city lights up with fireworks. If you by any chance fly across any major Indian cities on this night, your first impression would be ‘Oh Shit, the city is on Fire’.

It’s really a fun festival, when even the oldest and the weirdest building look glamorous with all the decoration and fancy lights.

Blame me but, Diwali is kind of funny to me. You wanna know why? All these buildings will be dressed up in multi-colored fancy lights made in China and most of these lights come with pre-recorded songs and sounds which are mostly Christmas Songs (jingle bells). In a way, Diwali is an Indian festival made in China with Christian soundtrack. If you ever plan to visit India, I would suggest coinciding your visit during the Diwali which happen last of October or first week of November.

Streets light up with Neon lights

Stairs to my Apartment. Someone took all the trouble to lit up the entire stairs of my apartment with diyas (an earthen oil lamp). On a regular day, my apartment stairs looks more like a haunted place where anything horrible can happen.

View of my Apartment Stairs from the Terrace. Thank you, Mr/Ms/Mrs unknown who took all the trouble to lit up our crappy building.

Fireworks - Please don't sing that Katy Perry Song

Kids living next door going nuts in the terrace.


More Fireworks

This is my favorite shoot from that night.