Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Crazy Romeo! Dirt Cheap Indian Rum

Did you read the news? For me the top news right now is:

The Hindu community is furious over the issue to ban Bhagwad Gita, one of the holiest books in the Hindu religion in Siberia, Russia. Who won’t be? If they were to ban Bible even I would react in the same way.

The North Koreans are mourning over the dead of their fairytale leader Kim Jong-il. But how come he is dead, I thought he was send straight from heaven. By reading the history about his birth with the light from the sky, the multiple rainbows appearing and what not, he is no less than any god. But no matter what the world says how cruel and selfish he was but this dude did enjoy his life. I read it in a newspaper that Kim Jong-il had a troupe of some 2,000 dancing girls who were recruited during their teens from various schools and the group was divided into three teams, a “satisfaction team”, whose sole job was sexual services; the “happiness team for massage and the entertainment team who would entertain guest with choreographed stripteases. But the visitors had access to entertainment team alone. No matter what the world says about him, he did enjoy his life.

The Polymathic guy in my office who comes to my seat everyday to give free advice on almost every possible topic which I have no interest, from music to software’s, from cars to rockets and from how to impress girls to where to find good bars in Delhi and the list goes on and on… God i hate people who gives out free advice and unfortunately India is a country known for free advice. Everyone here is an expert.

Of all the news, my top 1 news is the Christmas party this weekend. In fact we have already started the celebration with some really cheap rum.

Yeah i know the name is lame. Who names a bottle of Rum 'Crazy Romeo'. This rum is dirt cheap. Its just 200 rupees for a liter that's around $4.

I don't have any obsession for cheap rum but am too clever to drink expensive alcohols. Whether its a cheap or a super expensive bottle of rum, the drunken state is always the same. its just a matter of five minutes because after that any drinks taste good.

Oh yeah, the bonfire. My landlord has some old furniture kept in the terrace which are beyond repair, so we decided to light a bonfire in the terrace. Bonfire+cheap rum in hot water = fun, fun, fun.

My buddies enjoying the bonfire and showing off 'Crazy Romeo'.