Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Letting it out

How was my Christmas? It was cute. We all managed to drag ourselves home with our own two feet without any external aid. Nothing wild, stupid or crazy, it was just a simple dinner with friends, followed by light drinks and a bit of gambling. It was cute. How was yours?

Coming back to the main topic of this post, here are the top 5 news revolving around me at the moment.

News 1: I guess I might be an alcoholic. What made me realize this? Well, it’s been a while am having lunch in this bar and if its dinner I have point but what the hell am I doing in a bar 12 in the noon. Every Sunday I buy alcohol for the whole week but somehow I manage to drink them by Wednesday. Am so dependent on alcohol that I need a vodka shoot every morning before shower and another shoot before breakfast. I guess it’s time I evaluate how am living my life.

News 2: This news is freaking hilarious. There is a certain girl in my office who is super pissed with a fellow co-workers for some undisclosed reason. They have reached the no talking point and the complete ignoring each other’s presence. This certain girl recently went to her friend list to remove this certain guy but the guy has already removed her from his list. It was somehow like that phrase’ the hunter becomes the hunted’.

I seriously don’t understand why people get so personal at work place. I don’t give a damn what other co-workers are doing or dealing with or think about me. For me it’s doing my stuff and getting paid for that. People always come up to me and complain about them getting ignored by other people and who they are ignoring. Well I too have a complain, please stop talking to me.

At work, am like a magnet that attracts motor mouths, free advice givers, polymathic dudes, braggers, grumbler and insecure guys. The fun part is, there is a certain dude who has all the qualities. From today I have decided, if any one with the above qualities shows up or the guy with all these quality shows up, am going to say it straight in his face ‘Shut the fuck up’!!!!

News 3: My office people decided to start our own office rock band. Unfortunately the band broke up even before it was formed. The reason is jealousy. I don’t get it because these guys started bitching about each other how sloppy the other guy is with the guitar when they have not even seen each other playing.

News 4: This is a public service request to everyone staying in New Delhi to donate old sweaters, jackets, shawls, blankets or anything to keep a poor homeless person warm. In the first month of winter itself, over 100 people lost their lives to the cold. I have donated some old blankets to a homeless family living close to my home and I would request everyone to do so.

News 5: World Hindu Council has started protesting against the certain Russian city’s decision to ban Bhagvad Gita by burning an effigy representing Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. The verdict on whether to ban Bhagvad Gita is today.

Well, these are the top 5 news around me at the moments. I’ve got some news but I think it’s not worth mentioning. After all who wants to hear about the free porn site I discovered, that Rihanna’s song which got download to my Iphone by mistake and me loving that song, me losing my pineapple flavored Del Monte juiceginity yesterday and my obsession for Modern Family, Rules of Engagement and my crush on Christa Miller after watching cougar Town, the list goes on and on and on…..