Monday, January 16, 2012

Family Bikers - Taking Biking to a New Level

You must have heard of biker gangs like the Hells Angels, the Bandidos and the Mongols Motorcycle Club, on the lighter side there are also mountain bikers who loves biking in mountain terrains, there are those extreme bikers who jumps and flies through obstacles in their motor bikes. In short there are thousands of ways how a motorcycle can be used. There are also different kinds of bikers. But have you heard of Family Bikers.

Family Bikers are a new breed of bikers commonly found in Asian countries like India, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Nepal and Cambodia. Though it may look pretty safe but they are the most extreme of all bikers. Let me not speak for all the countries but at least in India they are the most adventurous and the most extreme bikers I’ve seen.

No, family Bikers don’t ride in Harley’s or race bikes. Their rides are normally very basic, in most case it’s a 150 cc bike but the extreme part is, in a bike big enough for two, you will find the whole family cruising through the busy streets. It can be just the father and two other kids or it can be the whole family (dad, 3 kids and the wife).

Why Family Biking is the most extreme form of biking? These riders don’t give a damn to safety, plus the whole families participate and besides the person controlling the bike no other rider will wear helmets.

Cruising the Streets of Delhi - Family Biker Way

A Family Biker Gang -Observer the Number of Riders

Helmets - Family Bikers Don't Need Helmets. Women and kids skulls don't get crushed.

Word of Advice: Take an Auto rickshaw or call a cab, its not that expensive.


  1. Lol.. Good observation.. And the pics are hilarious.. Yeah.. here women and children's skull are made of metall.. don't get crushed.. :)

  2. @Yuvika thanks :)

  3. @Ann it's so surprising that most women and kids don't wear helmets. Their skulls to can get cracked.

  4. love the pics. Safety is very important. it may sound weird but the pics are hilarious.

  5. Biker Gang! That's hilarious. Where do you click all these pictures. Thanks for sharing and this is a very nice public safety post. Am going to share it with other bloggers too.

  6. scary pictures. I'll never let my kids do anything like this.

  7. Love your post, I just can't believe how many people can ride on one bike. I have a similar post on my website. I just had to laugh when I saw your post.

    I love the comment about the man wearing the helmet,don't worry about the women or children, their head wouldn't get crushed, ha ha.

    Nicky Singh

  8. heheh and those were bikers!!! Family bikers LOL...nice thought. people should listen yaa....


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