Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy New Year! The Random Post Starts Again

Thank god, the whole Christmas and New Year celebration is over. Although it’s been more than a week, the excitement is still fresh. May be it’s because of the many unfulfilled plans I have been planning for the whole year. But that’s ok, am happy that the nine days in the New Year has been nothing less than awesome. Firstly we auditioned for a vocalist for the band yesterday and he was exactly what we were looking for (100% Old School Thrash Metal). Secondly, for some unknown reason my apartment is so clean, though it’s been more than a week since I’ve cleaned it. Normally it takes just two days to bring my apartment to a stable situation. Thirdly, I haven’t been to a bar in Delhi till today and I have cut down on all the stuff that gets me high. Getting high here does not mean ‘high on life’, ‘high on work’ or ‘high on love’. Seriously, if you get high on life, then you have never experience the real high. Last but not the least, this time my office people decided to use a different kind of balloons (I’ll get back to this later) for the Christmas and New Year decoration.

Some pictures of my office with the new (decent), non-vulgar balloons:

The female population in my office can now walk around without giggling or feeling embarrassed with the new balloons around.

Even the guys can cruise inside the office without comparing themselves with the New Balloons. Less distraction, more productivity.

Even the Santa feels more comfortable with the New Balloons around.

New Year's Day Walk of Shame! Not for Me!

Coming to the New Year’s Day walk of shame, it’s nothing new. Everyone have experience the walk of shame. But this year’s New Year’s Day way back to my apartment was very enjoyable, may be because it didn’t drank that much. Bad hangover and dehydration mixed with spine chilling cold weather equals to ‘Not a Smart Way to Start your New Year’.

A kid trying to change the lane with his bike.

A Rickshaw puller still asleep. It was freaking cold and it was a sad sight to see . These are one of those moments when you realize how lucky and fortunate you are, no matter how much you carp about your job or life. At least we have a home to shelter from the cold, rain and heat.

The dude in the donkey walked past me and it was quite a sight. Commuting on a donkey in Delhi traffic, must be an experience. But this dude is moving at a much faster rate than me because he doesn't have to stop at red lights and he can squeeze out from anywhere he wants.

What I’ve learned this holiday season: You enjoy more when you get high less.

Doubt’s I have from this Holiday Season: Does this mean that am getting old and I don’t have what it takes to party really hard???????????

Coming back to the office balloon, well here’s the thing. In all out last office festival decorations, they have used a certain kind of balloons to decorate the entire office which look very festive on the first and the second day. But come third day, the air inside the balloons starts getting out and it looks more like a penis. I have some pictures to prove but the balloons looks to vulgar and am worried that BlogSpot might ban me thinking I have started posting pornographic pictures in my blog.


  1. Haha funny story about the balloons XD

    This article was really interesting, I like the "real life" pictures you sometimes share.

    And this sentence is just awesome: "You enjoy more when you get high less." Don't worry, I'm sure you can still party as hell without crap ^^


  2. Good read! Audition for what? Where do you work?

  3. Good Pics.. Reminded me of my old office where we used to have regular celebrations.. Baloons like Penis..Lol.. Must be weird to watch.. :)

  4. Welcome Back Wild Child...

  5. That's a nice comparison. We are so lucky if we compare with the people in the slum. Happy New Year Bro!

  6. Always love your pictures. They are always honest and straight to the point.

  7. A great post to start off the year. Glad to hear that you have reduced your drinking habit.


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