Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What We Are Missing Out

We are a species fueled by greed and while we are busying satisfying our greed, we tend to miss out so many wonderful things Mother Nature has to offer. Stop once and a while and look around, you will see what you are missing out. We tend to work day and night, saving every bit of it and forgetting to enjoy what we have earned. What is the use of working so hard if we are not enjoying what we have earned? What if we die today, what will we do with all the savings? Live While You are Alive!

Recently I went out for a late afternoon ride in my Somewhat Harley Look Alike India Cruise Bike and the views I came across were breath-taking. There is this certain part of Delhi where I usually enjoy my occasional motorbike rides and I never realized how beautiful that area was especially during sunset and that’s when the whole thought of wasting my life confined in a cubicle struck me. So I have made a promise to myself that apart from my regular visits to bars in Delhi I’ll be going out more often and enjoy more of the outside world. What? you though I was going to quit my job, hell no! They pay me good, why in the world would I quit my job. Without a job how do you expect me to travel and enjoy the outside world, plus Delhi bars are not that cheap, how am i going to pay for the drinks!

P.s: Do any of you know how to deal with a Genuine Asshole!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Life From a Different Angle

Well am almost all out of rant so I have invited a blogger buddy to share something. I would like to introduce Lhamo from 'Thoughts of a Silent River'.

So Lhamo, make yourself at home.

I was very much tired with the same office to home and home to office schedule. The monotonous days made me lazy enough not to step out with friends as I was seeing the same Kathmandu everyday so I thought to take a short trip to Dharan, very famous place of its own for its people and its beautiful tone of language.

There are many things I will remember about Dharan, the place, people, the food for obvious reason and it’s very different ambience for sure. The major reason will be the meeting with group of men that happened out of blue in the middle of the cramped place.

All of sudden, I saw few men of same age above 40 in the number of 5-6 working very hard together. I made myself inside the gate of the workshop when a young boy stood by me and asked ‘where I was heading’ looking at the camera in my hand.

Well I just wanted to click some photographs if it is fine with everyone here”.

Are you a reporter? An average age man asked me from a window nearby.

Oh, no no no I am not a reporter, I was just walking by the way so I thought to get some photographs that’s it.

Alright get it done quickly, so that my workers can go back to work’ replied the man from the window.

I saw a serious man who was sweating so badly as if he was just out of shower. There was another man helping him out and his vest was completely wet, and it was all sweat. I made myself near the serious face and asked if I can click some photographs of him and his fellow workers.

He said he would mind if I post the photographs in a paper.

Giving my clarification in a jiffy I said; the photographs will remain safe with me, no newspapers and no magazine thing here. I am a normal person who only loves to capture some beautiful moments of life, very simple isn’t it?

This very day, I realized the taste of hard work. I realized the value of sweats. I realized how the human pushes oneself in a hardship just to have the three squares a day.

Smile to Life~

Friday, February 10, 2012


On my last night on earth,

I won't look to the sky

Just breathe in the air and blink in the light

On my last night on earth,

I'd pay a high price To have no regrets and be done with my life

Monday, February 6, 2012