Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A vacation in Paradise

Guess where am going for my next trip. I have been to this place tons of times but I get the same rush and excitement as when I went there for the first time. Its a paradise lost in time.

Here are some pictures from my last trip:

Have you heard St. Louis Blues by Louis Armstrong? No matter how down I am, this song always manages to bring a smile.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Gone are the Days

Gone are the days when the weather was an excuse to skip shower for days
Gone are the days when a shower was not required after a midnight rendezvous
Gone are the days when daily showers was replaced by deo spray
Gone are the days when you could blame your drunkenness to the weather
Gone are the days when the day was started with a shot of vodka and not feel guilty
Gone are the days of leather Jackets and leather pants
Gone are the days of sacrificing jackets to the tender ones to prove our manhood
Gone are the cold, winter days and night
And here comes the sun. Another dreadful New Delhi summer awaits me.

Inspired by Stephen Foster’ s ‘Old Black Joe’