Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Why Delhi is so unique

The chaos, the crowd, the noise and the smell makes Delhi so unique from any other city in the planet. If you managed to survive Delhi, then you can survive anywhere in the planet. Delhi to me is the ultimate place to test your skills on traveling, bargaining, judging and safety. If you think you can drive a car or ride a motorbike, give it a shot here in Delhi. Driving or riding is nothing less than being in an Off-road racing or rally racing, both in terms of the road condition and the rage involved. The only difference is a cow can appear anytime, anywhere. Coming to safety, girls always be on alert, you don’t know when a bunch of guys in a car will pick you up from the road in broad daylight and give you a ride. The thrill, the fear and the chaos, all these make a vacation in Delhi so unique.

Apart from the negativity, Delhi is also the city where you will get to meet, see and taste the entire country. Women safety is a big concern but the city is working really hard to deal with it. Road rage will still be there until the Traffic Police seize the vehicles of all those uneducated baboons who think their 800 cc car is a sports car. No matter how posh the hotel or the neighborhood you are staying is, how upscale the place where you dine and shop is you will always find a cow outside. You can’t escape from the cow.

A Barber doing his business

Old Delhi Railway Station: Commuters Taking a nap outside the station while waiting for their train.

New Delhi Railway Station: The New and improved Railway Guards. Ain't he cute :)

Just a Random Picture I clicked on my way to Work (trying Really Hard to be a Photographer)

Finally the skies have opened up. Delhi weather can't be better than this.

FYI, India is facing the biggest blackout. First the power went off early Monday morning around two and came only at 9. Even Today the power went off and I seriously don't know when it will be restored. Its not only in Delhi, the Black out effected Punjab, Rajasthan, J&K, Bihar, Odisha, Jharkhand, West Bengal, UP, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Delhi and the seven North Eastern states. So much for being an upcoming 'Super Power.'

Thursday, July 26, 2012


I love discovering blogs; I make a point to bookmark at least one new blog once in a while. Recently I came across this amazing blog called ‘The realm of Life’ and I was blown away by the stuff she was doing. She is new to blogging and she has only three posts in her blog but after spending a good one hour reading her posts, I could not control myself from asking her to do a guest blog.

Before handing the blog to her, here is something about the blogger. She is from Delhi, a travel enthusiasts and a fellow Metal Head. Guys don’t forget to check out her blog


I go for walks to the nearby park in our sector to relax in the lap of nature. And then, one day i sat under the colorful, pink, yellow bougainvillea trees and wondered at nature's bounties.
A few weeks ago, while i was absorbed in my own thoughts, day dreaming and glancing at a few kids playing nearby, a very raucous sound by a crow intervened my chain of thoughts. This crow was cowing continuously. At first, i did not pay attention at all. But to my annoyance, i saw the crow alight on a branch near me.

The cawing became harsher and shriller, then i looked at it, its eyes were panicky and i could sense immediacy to whatever it was trying to convey. And, i, as if prompted by an unseen force, just walked away from there.

I had hardly gone a few meters away when i heard a harsh, a crashing sound piercing my ears. A big branch of eucalyptus tree had crashed breaking the bench i was sitting on. I felt a shudder and felt as if my heart stopped beating for a while. This clearly shows that the crow was warning me for the danger in the only language it knew. I bowed my head in gratitude.

Soon i realized the act of crow was to show that there was a bond between all living beings. The crow knew that there was some danger to my life. and not only this, but there are also evidences all through the history when dolphins, porpoises and even whales have rescued drowning people & escorted them to the safety of the shore. The carnivore lives by the so called law of jungle, which in fact is a very well evolved law.

No carnivore, even lions and tigers would kill other animals unless they r hungry. Herds of gazelle may pass by but the pride of lions, if they had their fill, would ignore them. In the same way, no snake will attack unless threatened. We have a number of examples in which a bitch would suckle kittens if the kitten's mother is dead. I have seen a disabled sparrow fed by other sparrows in my verandah.

Strangely, this universal bond does not seem to apply to homosapiens. There seems to be no respect and tolerance for alternative views, beliefs and opinions, thereby generating mistrust, misunderstandings and anger.

We forget that enlightenment is nothing but the realization that all life is equally precious.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Finally, the Sun is Sleeping in Delhi

After 40 days of light, the sun is sleeping quietly. With the sun came the heat, sweats, the smell and the stickiness, now the sun is dozing off, letting the skies to open up and pour down. With the rain came the waterlogging, hour long traffic jams, a kid getting drowned in a pothole, another man electrocuted when an electric wire fell on them because of the rain!!! Is there a good season for Delhi?

The temperature had dropped drastically making way for mosquitoes to breed but am too happy to be bothered by all these.

Hindu pilgrims returning from Haridwar. The distance from Delhi to Haridwar is around 240 Kilometers and they have to cover the distance on foot.

Stuck in Delhi Gurgaon Expressway Toll Gate

Moral of this post:

  • Stay away from potholes, no matter how small they look. Municipal Corporation of Delhi has a hobby of opening up man holes and digging holes and leaving it uncovered. Heard somewhere that MCD workers have this competition, in which they see who's pothole will trap the most victim.
  • Stay away from electric post or loose wires.
  • Take the Metro as much as you can to avoid traffic jams.
  • If you are taking the car, pee. Empty your bladder. You will be stuck in traffic for hours. Better carry an empty bottle.