Friday, August 31, 2012

Pictures, Pictures and More Pictures of New Delhi

Delhi is wet like a girl in her prime. Yes, the rain did lower the temperature down but with it came the traffic jam, mosquitoes, over flooding sewer, the smell and of course the cows. But please keep in mind, am not complaining about the rain. An escape from the heat, the humidity, stickiness and the sweating is totally worth the three hours in the traffic because I get to listen more songs, I just have to burn a coil to do away with the mosquitoes and incense stick for the smell, well the cows are a part of our daily routine.

Anyway am tired with all the pointless ranting. I hope you will enjoy the random pictures of Delhi.

A Hindu Holy Man outside Rajouri Garden Metro Station. I had to pay five bucks to click this picture.

Everyone is entitled to Love and companion. A homeless man sharing his bed with some street dogs.

Another example of Exotic India. Make way for Mr. Cow

Canoe anyone. On my way to work.

Indian an upcoming Super Power! Yeah Right.

My New Passion. Scaling the Walls of Indian Mountaineering Foundation, New Delhi

Just another day cruising in the streets of New Delhi. Do you get to see wildlife in the street in your city? We do!

What the hell is Lindsay Lohan doing in a bottle of Toilet Cleaner. I doubt that she knows where and who is using her picture. It's India, Anything is possible.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Slayer in India - Updates

Slayer in India! This is going to be a huge one. Still can’t believe I will be watching Slayer playing live in Bangalore. Till date, there is no new update, the Rock in India 2012 edition featuring Slayer is confirmed but besides that we are still waiting for new updates on which bands will be opening for Slayer, Slayer playlist for India and the venue. Yes the venue is yet to be confirmed.

The playlist for Slayer in Bangalore, I guess will be more like a greatest hits CD with songs like South of Heaven, Seasons in the Abyss, Criminally Insane, Post Mortem, Angel of Death, Jihad, Raining Blood, Hell Await and so on..

As promised, my next post on Slayer in India will be on how you can watch Slayer live in Bangalore for Free. Some basic tips and tricks to help you get around!

BTW, if you still have not booked your tickets, the tickets are out for sale and the cost is 2500 Rupees, visit, before it’s over.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Soulmate! Blues as Good as It can Get!

Some weeks ago I had the chance to see Soulmate live in Lemp Brew Pub & Kitchen after almost two years and they were tighter than ever. In-fact, this was the first decent gig I’ve been to this year. I have been to many gigs this year but every night it’s the same kind of band, the copy – paste bands with growling vocals, pointless double bass drums and cliché guitar riffs and watching Soulmate was a breath of fresh air.

For those who have not heard Soulmate, they are a blues/rock n’ roll band with killer guitar riffs and a vocalist who's voice can pierce through anything and backed by bass lines so groovy that can loosen even the stiffest body and flow with the music.

Its sad that the bassist of Soulmate doesn't get much limelight, because most bass player in the country won't be able to do what he is doing up there.

In the Groove

Check out Soulmate Page here

Soulmate were not the only ones. I had the pleasure of watching Grammy Winning Effort, one of India's best upcoming metal band. Check out the band here.

The show was headlined by Junk Yard Groove, from Chennai and it was EPIC. Will be posting more pictures on Junk Yard Groove very soon, plus the EPIC story of that night when the vocalist performed in his boxer.

Stay tuned for more updates and news on Slayer live in Bangalore. I'll be posting more about Slayer in India.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Yamuna Expressway from Delhi to Agra

Driving to Agra, home to the Taj Mahal is not going to be a problem anyone. The long awaited Yamuna Expressway is finally opened. Opened in 9 August 2012, the Yamuna Expressway is the fastest and the most convenient way to reach Agra. This express way is around 165 kilometers and one can easily cover the distance in 90 to 120 minutes. 6-lane highway with just two diversions, one in Mathura and some city which I forgot, Yamuna Expressway is very safe as well as convenient.

The stretch starts from Greater Noida, the stretch has toilets and restaurants are petrol pumps are still in construction. Do make sure that you have enough gas, food and drinks for the entire drive.

The toll fee is 320 rupees one way and if you are returning the same day, you will get a 20% discount. Looking at the quality of the expressway, the toll money is worth every penny.
Last weekend I had to opportunity drive through the Yamuna Expressway with a friend and it was breathing. I could not believe that such a road even exists in India. Here are some pictures of the Yamuna Expressway I took on the way.

Starting of the Expressway. Dark clouds and rain awaits us beyond the first toll gate

We drove through one of the meanest storm this year at a speed of 150 KM/hour

The clouds that day was just breathtaking!

Way to Agra

Direction Pointing out to Taj Mahal. Finding direction is so easy with the new Expressway.

Moments Way From Agra

Inside Agra

Some Fort in Agra

The Machine

Sorry could not share any pictures of Agra, The Taj Mahal or the Agra Fort. We did drove to Agra but we came back because the traffic inside the city was so chaotic and was in no mood to deal with the traffic. Ten minutes after reaching Agra, we took a U-Turn and drove back to Delhi.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Slayer Live In India - Confirmed

Hell Yeah! The Gods of Thrash Metal, Slayer has confirmed their first ever show in India. This year’s edition of Rock in India will feature Slayer as the headlining band. It all started in 2010, talks about slayer playing in India and personally I never expected Slayer in India. Dreams do come true. This October my dream of seeing Slayer playing live will come true after 14 years. Exactly after 63 Days from today, Bangalore will witness one of the meanest and the loudest Metal band ever.

The concert tickets for slayer is out, you can book them at The tickets for Slayer in India is priced at Rupees 2500.

Keep checking this blog for more updates on their play list, supporting bands and tips on how you can watch Slayer in India for free, plus I'll be also covering the hotels in Bangalore which are cheap and close to the venue, plus general travel guide on Bangalore for people coming from different states as well as from nearby countries. So stay tuned for more information on Slayer in Bangalore. \m/\m/\m/

Here is a quickie on Slayer in India:

Slayer in India will be performing for the Annual Rock in India Festival.

Not yet confirmed!

Where to Buy the Tickets?
Slayer concert tickets for Bangalore is up for sale in for 2500 bucks.

To the people at DNA Network, you have disappointed the Indian Metal Heads with the Rock in India 2010, when you decided Back Street Boys to Headline the festival and I never intent to forgive but Thanks for the Slayer in Bangalore.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Quickie on What’s India Been Upto

It will take more than just a kilo of surf excel to clean the mess India is in right now. Government policies that don’t make any sense, riots, terrorism, poverty, etc...Etc. The country is screwed from all ends. Sometimes it’s a wonder how the government can mess things up, no matter how stupid a policy they come up with, they again find another policy more stupid to top the previous. It sure does need talent and determination to do that.

Here is a quickie on what India has been up to lately.

Concern Number 1:

'Har Hath Main Phone’, which translated to ‘a mobile phone in every hand’. According to this brand new policy, the government of India will be giving a free mobile phone to everyone Below the Poverty Line, the scheme will also offer 200 minutes of free local talk time every month. The government is supposedly going to spend some 7000 crores on this scheme.

What’s wrong with this scheme? A mobile phone is the last thing a person living below the poverty line would want. Two decent meals a day, a home, access to free water and a job is what they want. Am sure if the government invest that money on giving free vocational trainings, it would be more useful to them or investing somewhere to generate more job opportunities. But WAIT! On a funny note, I think this might be helpful. They can call each other up and inform where there are more generous tourists, new hot spots for begging and so on. Won’t it would be funny, you are stuck in the traffic and a beggar comes begging and in between, someone calls him and the beggar telling you to wait for a second to take the call. Again continuing with the begging once the call is over. Another important concern is where they will charge the mobile phone. Most of them don’t have access to electricity.

Concern Number 2:

Anna Hazare, I believe is India’s last resort to a less corrupted country. Corruption and bribery will always be there, but even a 30 to 40% decrease would mean so much and I strongly believe that none but Anna is the only person who can do this. But after his latest decision to start his own political party, am bit scared that power might corrupt. History shows that power do corrupt. I pray that no matter what Anna will remain true and clear to his goal, ‘a corruption free India.’

Concern Number 3

It’s almost a month since the clash between the Bodos and Bangladeshi Illegal immigrants, the situation remains almost the same. In-fact it’s getting worse with the recent protest and the clash in Pune and Mumbai. The media played a big role in igniting these tensions in Pune and Mumbai. The clash in Assam was never between the Bodo people and Muslim. It was a clash in which the Bodo people were retaliating against the Illegal immigrants who are taking over their land and business. The Indian media, instead of reporting the right news, started flashing news of clash between the Bodo and Muslim and the Muslim community in the different parts of the country started rioting. Indian journalism has been more like a Bollywood movie lately.