Monday, August 27, 2012

Slayer in India - Updates

Slayer in India! This is going to be a huge one. Still can’t believe I will be watching Slayer playing live in Bangalore. Till date, there is no new update, the Rock in India 2012 edition featuring Slayer is confirmed but besides that we are still waiting for new updates on which bands will be opening for Slayer, Slayer playlist for India and the venue. Yes the venue is yet to be confirmed.

The playlist for Slayer in Bangalore, I guess will be more like a greatest hits CD with songs like South of Heaven, Seasons in the Abyss, Criminally Insane, Post Mortem, Angel of Death, Jihad, Raining Blood, Hell Await and so on..

As promised, my next post on Slayer in India will be on how you can watch Slayer live in Bangalore for Free. Some basic tips and tricks to help you get around!

BTW, if you still have not booked your tickets, the tickets are out for sale and the cost is 2500 Rupees, visit, before it’s over.


  1. Akshay7/9/12

    This will be the SHIT!. Bought my tickets, booked the hotel and the travel tickets. All is done. Any news on the venue though??

    1. Still no updates in the Venue..

  2. Anonymous10/9/12

    Where is the bhartiya city in bangalore??


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