Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pictures & Review of Slayer in Bangalore

Finally I saw my gods playing live and I was just ten meters away from my gods I’ve worshiped more than any gods for ten years. Hell yeah! I am talking about Slayer, ‘the Gods of Thrash Metal.’ Can you remember the first time you heard Slayer, I do and it blew me away. My first Slayer album was God Hates Us All and listening to Tom Araya screaming God Hates Us All, God Hates Us All in the song Disciple was all it took to get me hooked. As a pissed of teenager searching for anything to flip off everyone, it was a big deal. I still remember my mom shouting at me and breaking my God Hates Us All CD into three pieces and calling me a Satan worshiper, and of course the treat of disowning me when I hanged a print out of New Faith lyrics ‘I won't be force fed prophecies, From a book of untruths for the weakest mind, I keep the bible in a pool of blood, So that none of its lies can affect me.

Slayer did confirm that they will be playing in Bangalore two months in advance but as a genuine asshole; I did not book my train tickets in advance. So, I boarded the train to Bangalore with an unconfirmed ticket. After more 40 hours in the train, I reached Bangalore, two in the morning. But the trouble of not having a seat to sit or sleep for 40 hours was totally worth.

Moments before reaching the venue. It kept on raining on and off the whole day and the night. By the time Slayer came to the stage, we were drenched to the skin.

The Ticket

Brahma, an old school thrash metal band from Mumbai opening for Slayer. They were great but most of the crowd did not feel the same. I've never seen that much middle fingers at the same time.

Brahma with Verhnon Ibrahim, from Millennium, India's best metal band. The dude still got it.

Here we are!

The Crowd

Kerry King, doing what he does the best! shredding

Oh Yeah, I've waited for this moment.

Another Somewhat blurry picture of Kerry King and The Gary Holt from Exodus.

Sorry for the blurry pictures but it was almost impossible getting a clear shoot with the moshpit in full swing behind you.
Tom Araya

P.s: Something really funny happened that night. I heard some guys shouting who is toughing my ass.


  1. Slayer.. WOW! Envy you so much right now.

  2. Was the mosh pit burtal. Love the pictures

  3. Isn't it great watching them playing live. Kerry King do look like a beast with the chains and everything. Definitely one of the tightest band in the planet.

  4. Great pictures. Guess you had a blast.

  5. The New Faith lyrics are bit too extreme but by listening to does not make one an anti-christ. Must have been tough dealing that with your mom.

  6. The clouds sure does make the mabiance perfect for raining blood.


  7. Opening for a famous international band like Slayer is alway tough. The band should be very tight, plus they should know how to deal with such crowd by keeping the crowd engaged and entertained all the time or else middle fingers will rise.


  8. Good to know you are catching so many international acts. October really was your month. Hope you get to see more metal bands.

  9. Love the picture... Keep posting


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