Monday, January 30, 2012

Are We a Country Full of Perverts

Are we a country full of Perverts? Is Women safe in our country? I should not generalize but with what’s happening around everyday it’s really tough not to. Is something wrong with our social system, because it’s not a rare situation? Read the newspaper, it’s full of how sick we are. Reading such news makes me ashamed to be a part of the so-called the most advance species in the planet ‘human being’, it’s even more embarrassing to be living in such a country.

We (Indians) have excelled in so many non- physical fields like science, computer, art and so on but we have a long way to go when it comes to social advancement. To top it, we were the ones who created Kamasutra but what went wrong in between?

Imprisonment is not enough for such offenders. Death is the only punishment fit for such crime and that too not an easy death like shot in the head or lethal injection. Its should be like that video somewhere in the Middle East where the offender was beheaded in Public.

The above news were published in Times of India and The Hindu yesterday.