Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Mini-Vacation in Rishikesh - part 2

This is the part 2 of my mini-vacation in Rishikesh. Most visit Rishikesh for rafting and the temples but I’ve never been a big fan of water sports (ok, I’ll admit it, I can’t swim and it’s perfectly rational to avoid water sports if you can’t swim) or religion. For me an ideal vacation is doing nothing or hiking, because these two things come naturally to me. Hiking in Rishikesh is so easy because it’s surrounded by hills which are easy to hike yet rewards you with amazing view of the area.

The hike was easy but the trail was kind of dangerous. One slip and i could have landed straight in Ram Jhula.

It was an half an hour hike, but the view was amazing

View of River Ganges From Ram hula

Soul Cleansing in the River Ganges

My Travel Advice on Rishikesh:

  • Head to the river banks and enjoy the sunset with you feet dipped in the cold water of the River Ganges.
  • Most of the stuff in the handicraft markets are made in china. I got a wooden curved train and a dagger, which I later discovered the 'Made in China' sign on the backside. Overall, the prices are very reasonably compared to other travel destinations in India.
  • The price of hotels will increase as you go further up hill. I found that, on an average, hotels near Ram Jhula were less expensive than the hotels in Laxman Jhula.