Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My Wannabe Photography Dream

I’ve always been a wannabe photographer but unfortunately I’ve never clicked a decent picture. I’ve done my share of research and reading on the Internet, I’ve never taken any professional course but am sure these are not the reason why? Am guessing I need a better camera. All I have is my IPhone camera and I have no intention to invest on a nice camera. So I am hopping I’ll find a Canon EOS Rebel T3i with 18-55mm IS II lens lying outside my door, but this is just a fantasy and even if it ever happens, I’ll sell it and buy a Pearl Demon Drive Eliminator or I’ll get hammered for a week in a bar in Delhi. Speaking of Delhi bars, why can’t anyone open a bar with live rock music every night with no Bollywood, Punjabi songs, pop, hip hop or whatever, just a simple live rock music bar in Delhi. We have Hard Rock CafĂ© but come on the prices are super expensive.
Now am going off track. Coming back to photography, here are some random pictures I’ve clicked last month. I did try my best.

Soft kitty, warm kitty, Little ball of fur. This pic remind me of that episode from Big Bang Theory

Something I am still trying to figure out???

Them Clones at the Guvment

Shooting the Shooter

Somewhere Far Away from Here

Oh yeah, i have cleared all the levels of Skies of Glory