Monday, July 9, 2012

Finally, the Sun is Sleeping in Delhi

After 40 days of light, the sun is sleeping quietly. With the sun came the heat, sweats, the smell and the stickiness, now the sun is dozing off, letting the skies to open up and pour down. With the rain came the waterlogging, hour long traffic jams, a kid getting drowned in a pothole, another man electrocuted when an electric wire fell on them because of the rain!!! Is there a good season for Delhi?

The temperature had dropped drastically making way for mosquitoes to breed but am too happy to be bothered by all these.

Hindu pilgrims returning from Haridwar. The distance from Delhi to Haridwar is around 240 Kilometers and they have to cover the distance on foot.

Stuck in Delhi Gurgaon Expressway Toll Gate

Moral of this post:

  • Stay away from potholes, no matter how small they look. Municipal Corporation of Delhi has a hobby of opening up man holes and digging holes and leaving it uncovered. Heard somewhere that MCD workers have this competition, in which they see who's pothole will trap the most victim.
  • Stay away from electric post or loose wires.
  • Take the Metro as much as you can to avoid traffic jams.
  • If you are taking the car, pee. Empty your bladder. You will be stuck in traffic for hours. Better carry an empty bottle.