Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Quickie on What’s India Been Upto

It will take more than just a kilo of surf excel to clean the mess India is in right now. Government policies that don’t make any sense, riots, terrorism, poverty, etc...Etc. The country is screwed from all ends. Sometimes it’s a wonder how the government can mess things up, no matter how stupid a policy they come up with, they again find another policy more stupid to top the previous. It sure does need talent and determination to do that.

Here is a quickie on what India has been up to lately.

Concern Number 1:

'Har Hath Main Phone’, which translated to ‘a mobile phone in every hand’. According to this brand new policy, the government of India will be giving a free mobile phone to everyone Below the Poverty Line, the scheme will also offer 200 minutes of free local talk time every month. The government is supposedly going to spend some 7000 crores on this scheme.

What’s wrong with this scheme? A mobile phone is the last thing a person living below the poverty line would want. Two decent meals a day, a home, access to free water and a job is what they want. Am sure if the government invest that money on giving free vocational trainings, it would be more useful to them or investing somewhere to generate more job opportunities. But WAIT! On a funny note, I think this might be helpful. They can call each other up and inform where there are more generous tourists, new hot spots for begging and so on. Won’t it would be funny, you are stuck in the traffic and a beggar comes begging and in between, someone calls him and the beggar telling you to wait for a second to take the call. Again continuing with the begging once the call is over. Another important concern is where they will charge the mobile phone. Most of them don’t have access to electricity.

Concern Number 2:

Anna Hazare, I believe is India’s last resort to a less corrupted country. Corruption and bribery will always be there, but even a 30 to 40% decrease would mean so much and I strongly believe that none but Anna is the only person who can do this. But after his latest decision to start his own political party, am bit scared that power might corrupt. History shows that power do corrupt. I pray that no matter what Anna will remain true and clear to his goal, ‘a corruption free India.’

Concern Number 3

It’s almost a month since the clash between the Bodos and Bangladeshi Illegal immigrants, the situation remains almost the same. In-fact it’s getting worse with the recent protest and the clash in Pune and Mumbai. The media played a big role in igniting these tensions in Pune and Mumbai. The clash in Assam was never between the Bodo people and Muslim. It was a clash in which the Bodo people were retaliating against the Illegal immigrants who are taking over their land and business. The Indian media, instead of reporting the right news, started flashing news of clash between the Bodo and Muslim and the Muslim community in the different parts of the country started rioting. Indian journalism has been more like a Bollywood movie lately.