Friday, August 24, 2012

Soulmate! Blues as Good as It can Get!

Some weeks ago I had the chance to see Soulmate live in Lemp Brew Pub & Kitchen after almost two years and they were tighter than ever. In-fact, this was the first decent gig I’ve been to this year. I have been to many gigs this year but every night it’s the same kind of band, the copy – paste bands with growling vocals, pointless double bass drums and cliché guitar riffs and watching Soulmate was a breath of fresh air.

For those who have not heard Soulmate, they are a blues/rock n’ roll band with killer guitar riffs and a vocalist who's voice can pierce through anything and backed by bass lines so groovy that can loosen even the stiffest body and flow with the music.

Its sad that the bassist of Soulmate doesn't get much limelight, because most bass player in the country won't be able to do what he is doing up there.

In the Groove

Check out Soulmate Page here

Soulmate were not the only ones. I had the pleasure of watching Grammy Winning Effort, one of India's best upcoming metal band. Check out the band here.

The show was headlined by Junk Yard Groove, from Chennai and it was EPIC. Will be posting more pictures on Junk Yard Groove very soon, plus the EPIC story of that night when the vocalist performed in his boxer.

Stay tuned for more updates and news on Slayer live in Bangalore. I'll be posting more about Slayer in India.