Friday, August 31, 2012

Pictures, Pictures and More Pictures of New Delhi

Delhi is wet like a girl in her prime. Yes, the rain did lower the temperature down but with it came the traffic jam, mosquitoes, over flooding sewer, the smell and of course the cows. But please keep in mind, am not complaining about the rain. An escape from the heat, the humidity, stickiness and the sweating is totally worth the three hours in the traffic because I get to listen more songs, I just have to burn a coil to do away with the mosquitoes and incense stick for the smell, well the cows are a part of our daily routine.

Anyway am tired with all the pointless ranting. I hope you will enjoy the random pictures of Delhi.

A Hindu Holy Man outside Rajouri Garden Metro Station. I had to pay five bucks to click this picture.

Everyone is entitled to Love and companion. A homeless man sharing his bed with some street dogs.

Another example of Exotic India. Make way for Mr. Cow

Canoe anyone. On my way to work.

Indian an upcoming Super Power! Yeah Right.

My New Passion. Scaling the Walls of Indian Mountaineering Foundation, New Delhi

Just another day cruising in the streets of New Delhi. Do you get to see wildlife in the street in your city? We do!

What the hell is Lindsay Lohan doing in a bottle of Toilet Cleaner. I doubt that she knows where and who is using her picture. It's India, Anything is possible.