Tuesday, April 2, 2013

River Rafing in Rishikesh - Riding the Rapids of the Scared Ganga

Okay, Okay, Okay, I admit! Am a bad blogger. My last post was more than two months ago. I totally understand if any hot chicks out there wants to spank me. Though I have my reasons but why don't you spank me first and I'll explain why I have been away for so long. 

Honestly, I've been really caught up in my work lately and though I have promised,  not to get sucked into the corporate world but it seems the more I try, the more i get involved. Some of my wanna be neo- hippie buddies started calling me a corporate slut, but hey! I  have a job and it pays well and I don't smell like a bag of rotten 'you know what'.  

Coming back to the main topic: Rishikesh is and will always be one of my favorite holiday destinations in India. I know, you won't get alcohol or non-veg but still I'll list it in my top destinations in India. Most tourist destinations in India comes with just one theme, like Agra for Taj Mahal, Delhi for its Perverts and Jaipur for its forts and palaces, but Rishikesh is a blend of so many things; the mystical feel of the century old temples and the evening pooja's, the chaotic mix of sadhu baba's, tourists, pilgrims along the monkey infected somewhat scary Ram Jhula and ofcourse the river rafting, kayaking and the endless hiking and trekking trails. This unique blend is what makes Rishikesh so perfect.

Recently some really fortunate souls got to ride the rapids of the gorgeous Ganga River. Am sure the pictures will be enough to describe how awesome river rafting in Rishikesh is!. 

The Camping Area

I almost forgot to mention... Its freaking cheap to spend a weekend in Rishikesh, especially if you are visiting from Delhi.

Bus ride on a Volvo is  1000 Rupees one way
Camping + rafting + meal (Dinner and Breakfast) + insanely boring beach volley balls + Camp Fire is around 1600 Rupees per person.