Thursday, January 3, 2013

Indian Railways: A Never Ending Joy Ride

There is seriously something wrong with me! No matter how many times I’ve promised myself I would never do it but just the thought of going somewhere new is enough for me to give up. Maybe it’s the rat race job I have, maybe it because of my desire for freedom or is it something chronic!

Some believe in saving up for the future, a home, a car or in some case, for their daughter’s dowry (hell yeah, dowry still is alive and kicking) but I’ve never been much of a saving guy. What is the use of working if you can’t enjoy what you earn. So, here I am, once again with my pack bag, an unconfirmed train ticket and just enough cash to last a week in the gorgeous South India and a small part of my head shouting ‘how the hell will you pay your rent’.

Traveling in the Indian railway is nothing less than a day out in an amusement park. It will take you from green fields to barren land, from poverty stricken slums to laid back villages, from cars and bikes waiting for the train crossing to kids collecting junk, the experience is overwhelming. Even the scenes inside the train are no less vibrant and contrast than the outside. Loud Bollywood music blasting from mobile phones, people sneaking a cigarettes near the door , hawkers selling everything from Chai, biscuits, soda and snacks to toys, towels, electronics, a trip in the Indian railways is an experience to be cherished.

For a newbie, a train journey in India is exactly like sitting in a roller coaster drunk, you will want to puke and the smell, the farts and the rush will add more to it. If you really wanna be a part of this chaotic joy ride, you need to be open-minded and always expect the unexpected.

Some old fort built on top of a barren Rocky Hill.

How I wish i could sit on top of the hill listening to Pink Floyd

Can you see those kids waving at the Camera

Found this dude studying under the light in the train station somewhere in Andhra Pradesh. Notice the Mobile Phone, if he had the money to buy a mobile phone, why can't he just buy a rechargeable light and study somewhere quite. 


South India has some of the most bewitching landscapes but the food, oh man... i can't take it.

BTW, I could not confirm my ticket so i had to travel 40 hours without a seat. Luckily, this guy from the pantry offered his seat for 200 bucks for a night, which was right next to the toilet.

My backpack/my pillow for the trip
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                                             Image Source:  iPhone 5 cases from Zazzle