Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Delhi, A Rapist Haven

Everytime I hear the line ‘India is an upcoming Superpower’; I dive into a divine state of utter speechlessness. I would love to see India as a Superpower nation but it looks like an impossible dream. We have only three problems, Economy, Political and social and the day our government figures a way to deal with these small three problems, nothing can stop from becoming a superpower nation.

Right now the entire nation is flooded in deep shit. India can’t be more unstable than now. We have tons of militant groups roaming freely collecting tax from the public in the North-Eastern states, the Central India is a full on war zone with the Naxalites and their communist ideology fuelled angry tribal who can’t seem to understand that Communism is kind of unpractical and does not really apply to the modern world. The ideology was built for the benefit of some fortunate few because if it was realistic then millions of people in North Korea and China won’t live in extreme poverty while some handful have access to all the wealth. Communism to me is just a fancy word for dictatorship. But again these tribal don’t either benefit anything from our so-called world largest democratic government so what the heck, which Ideology they prefer to follow. To the west we have our beloved neighbour, Pakistan ever ready to attack us and our only response is, if you attack us we won’t play cricket with you. That picture of our dear Prime Minister saying ‘if you attack us we won’t play cricket with you’ can’t be less feigned. In the Eastern region we have thousands of Bangladeshi refugees coming in everyday as if we already don’t have an overpopulation problem. Let’s not forget about China.

Okay, I get it. We have some minor problems disciplining our citizens and making friendship with neighbouring countries but right now, I feel that newspapers filled with news about crime against women is what we should be really worried. I am not suggesting that we should warn the newspapers to stop publishing such news; but find a solution to stop such news from happening. Maybe we all can join together and try to do something, even if not for the safety of the women but as a protest against newspapers and news channels for giving more importance to advertisement than news.

Image Source: Channel NewsAsia
As Indian we can adapt in any situation and the thing that I am most scared is; we might just get used to
it. Let this become a part of our life, something like bribery and how common and easy it is for us to give or take bribes to get things done. Looking at what’s happening around me and how people are reacting, we are not that far away from reaching that point.

As any normal human being we try to find someone or something to blame for our misfortunes and when it’s Crime against women, the Police seem to be the unfortunate ones at the receiving end. Since I have very less knowledge about other cities, I will refer to Delhi NCR. Delhi Police is not the most honest or competent police force in the world but compared to other states I personally fell that Delhi Police is doing their job. Delhi with its population and the easy access from UP and Haranaya, it’s not an easy task securing the city. They are paid for that but come on; they are just normal human beings like you and me. They cannot give personal protection to every single woman in the city. But again, the recent incident in Noida where that unfortunate girl got gang raped by 5 guys in which there were two police, it’s really tough to come to a conclusion on how the police is going to protect the public.

I feel that Delhi high rate of Crime against Women is not because of Delhi Police’s failure to do their job. I feel that it’s because we, the citizens have failed to educate our children and failed to show our children how to respect women. The social system of the city and its citizen is rotten from the bottom to the top. We don’t have any moral values. It’s not rare to see a 5 years old kid calling his grandpa a Mother Fu**** or Sister FU****.

Even though India may be screwed from almost every possible way, like a girl in a hardcore porn movie, yet am glad that I am a citizen of this country and I still have my ‘Freedom of expression’ . Because if I were a citizen of a God forsaken communist countries like China or North Korea, I would be dead before publishing this post.