Thursday, October 17, 2013

CNN Premiere of Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown –Sicily


Finding the ‘Istituto Italiano di Cultura’ was quite a task, which I realized after reaching the venue that it was part of the Embassy of Italy and worse was it was just ten minutes walking distance from my house. I should be exploring more places around me.

If you love watching travel shows, it’s tough that you have never come across Anthony Bourdain. There are tons of travel shows which focuses on different cuisine of the world but what separates his show from the rest is his genuine love for food which is pretty evident from his lick clean plates and his willingness to taste everything no matter how adventurous it may be. His show does not only focus on the food, he also gives importance to the history of the place, the culture, plus the process involved in choosing and collecting the ingredients needed to cook that specific dish. Afterall, every dish has a story to tell. It’s not just about the food; the show will take you on a tour of the place.
The latest Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown –Sicily will take you through the serpentine stone cobbled streets of Catania in Sicily to snorkeling amongst almost-frozen, dead octopuses, from chucking down some really delicious grilled horse meat to exploring the chaotic fish and meat market. The best was when they slaughter a pig, how they skin the pig, collected the blood in a bucket for the sausage and how the liver was cooked in olive oil and wine. This reminded me of my small lazy hometown, where every December, just a week before Christmas we would lay down a little piggy and the whole family would come over for lunch.

Following him along the gorgeous landscape of Sicily and watching him savoring delicious food, it’s really tough not to fantasize a vacation over there. What was tougher was, my brian was shooting images of the movie ‘The GodFather’, after all Vito Corleone and Michael Corleone did spend a good amount of time here in Sicily in the movie.

The Sicily edition is really entertaining, but I should warn you that the scene of the pig slaughter, blood and free conversation without filters might tick off the more uptight viewers. But who are we kidding! Honesty and straight to the point attitude are the trademarks that make Anthony Bourdain show unique from the lot.

You can catch all the exciting stories, adventures and the amazing cuisine every Friday at 19:30 IST on CNN International.

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Did I mention that the spread over at the premiere was quite decent. The Cookies were yummy! 

P.s: The show ended very abrupt, I hope the guy handling the projector did not do anything stupid because the moment the projector went blank I looked at him and I saw this look that you give out only when you screw up something. Just a thought though!