Monday, January 27, 2014

The Untouched Bainital

Words are not enough to describe the view of the rolling green hills dotted with multi colored flowers and random sheep gazing that climb up to join the magnificent snow topped Himalaya Mountain Range from Bainital. 

View of Simli

View on the way to Bainital

Locals chilling and enjoying the warm sun

A seamlessly serene haven without even a pinch of the noise and the chaos of the big city, though it’s just some 15 hours away from the ever chaotic New Delhi, Bainital is among one of India’s best kept secrets. As I ride my behind off in the bumpy roads up to Bainital, falling in love with the simplicity of the people and the place, it made me realize more, how much we as a civilization with a hunger for modernity can change an entire geography and just how long can this untamed, untouched beauty of Bainital can escape the brutal hands of the tourism industry.

View of the Snow capped Himalayas 

My Ride to Bainital. The View was worth the sore ass

The Locals and their Laid-back life! Ohh! How I envy their life!

Endless open space yet not a single soul except the occasional bleating of sheep in the far distance, it’s a wonder how we live cramped in such small spaces in the city where there is so much open space right here.

View from Bainital

The perfect example of laidback

Firewoods for the chilly nights

Some Facts:

  • Bainital is located around an hour from simli
  • The settlement has only four houses
  • The Settlement brags a 98% literacy
  • Though remote and secluded yet Bainital is well connected by Tata sky, mobile phone networks.
  • Yes there is no settlement beyond Bainital
  • Unfortunately there is no hotels or any accommodation available, the nearest place to find a hotel is  Karanpryag, located around an hour from Simli and around two hours from here.